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Adeniyi Damilola – Ere Omode

Eré Omodé

By Adeniyi Damilola

Adeniyi describes his works as “Afro-surreal”, paintings through which he explores the different personalities that all human beings have which make us unique as people. In turn, he praises his people for having fun with traditional Yoruba games, such as seen in Tinko Tinko, as well as interacting or simply being children without the technological pressures of the modern day.

2022 – Acrylics paint and graphite on canvas

137 x 137 cm | 4.5 x 4.5 ft

See the artwork in the following video and enjoy the details

Adeniyi Damilola


Adeniyi is a visual artist with 5 years of experience creating African-focused artwork. He is recognized for constantly developing innovative techniques to foster creativity and visual enhancement, as well as for working on “Afro-surrealism” and themes related to the Yoruba tradition. Various media and techniques are the main characteristics of his unique style.


2022 The wright art collection (One tree cannot be a forest) 2023
2021 FNB Art Joburg (Group exhibition: Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt)
2021 Whatiftheworld gallery and Krone (Group exhibition: 40 under 40)
2021 Mitochrondria Gallery (Group exhibition: Paradigms of perceptions)
2021 African Art foundation (Group exhibition: Unusual Suspects)

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