Art Concierge

Art Concierge

Wonder what to do with all that space on your wall?

Our Art Concierge is here to help you elevate your space with art! This is a bespoke design service aimed to help you optimize art placement and create your dream space.

ARVIVID design team will put together design proposals that visualize artwork(s) in the actual space.

We advise on all aspects related to art selection: picking out ideal artworks, including the style of art, type of medium and framing, optimal sizes and composition/combination. We will ensure that your art selection will go with the style of space you want to create, or the scene & ambience you want to set, based on the preferences/inspiration and the image of the space/wall you provide.

Three levels of services detailed below are placed at your fingertips, adapting to your needs, your space and the number of artworks involved. For each service, a design proposal will be made for further iterations with you, and eventually come up with designs you LOVE. 

Be it a modern & sleek living, an elegant dining, a cozy studio, to a cool & edgy bar – just name a theme, and we’ve got you covered! 


20 Deducted from purchase
  • Up to 4 frames
  • 3 iterations


40 Deducted from purchase
  • 5-9 frames
  • 5 iterations


80 Deducted from purchase
  • +10 frames
  • 8 iterations

Each iteration includes a renewed proposal incorporating your feedback based on the initial or previous proposal, and new visualization if required. 

How to start using the Art Concierge?

1) Select the level of service you need

2) Click on the “Start Consultation” link and fill out the form; make sure you include a link to your inspiration/style reference and a photo of the space you are decorating in the form

3) Our team will get back to you with a proposal within 72 hrs. Meanwhile, we might contact you for further info or clarification

4) Iterations: based on the initial proposal, you might want to make changes or adjustments. Our design team will incorporate these, and generate new visualizations. Each back and forth - feedback/changes from you + new visualization from us - is considered ONE iteration. Each iteration cycle should be less than 24/48 hours.

5) This service is free if purchases are made following the service - you would pay for the service upfront, and this amount would be deducted when you place an order. If no purchase is made, the cost would be 20€ for our Studio service, 40€ for our Level service, and 80€ for our Luxe service.

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