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Art Concierge

Wonder what to do with all that space on your wall?
Our FREE Art Concierge service is here yo help

 This is a bespoke design service aimed to help you optimize art placement and create your dream space.

ARVIVID design team will put together design proposals that visualize artwork(s) in the actual space.

We advise on all aspects related to art selection: picking out ideal artworks, including the style of art, type of medium and framing, optimal sizes and composition/combination. We will ensure that your art selection will go with the style of space you want to create, or the scene & ambience you want to set, based on the preferences/inspiration and the image of the space/wall you provide.

Be it a modern & sleek living, an elegant dining, a cozy studio, to a cool & edgy bar – just name a theme, and we’ve got you covered! 

Download your art concierge presentation sample

Each iteration includes a renewed proposal incorporating your feedback based on the initial or previous proposal, and new visualization if required. 

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