From the splendor of a snowy mountain silhouette to the secretive underwater landscapes, the brushstrokes of the wild create some of the most incomparable masterpieces ever made. In May 2022, Arvivid and the World Wildlife Fund Spain joined forces in an effort to preserve these natural masterpieces through the inspired influence of art. A nature photography competition was instigated as an opportunity to discover and share work from international artists. Photos from winning competitors joined the donated work of established artists in a live and online charity sale, all proceeds going towards WWF’s Spain preservation efforts. Now, after months of collaboration, curated work from 25 artists opens in the exhibition “Arte Salvaje”,  an oasis of awe and appreciation of the world around us. The stunning collection represents a synergistic journey bringing together passionate individuals in the cooperation needed for a better future. 

Arvivid is motivated by the belief that the impact of art exists on a personal and transcendent level; one of those being the power to support NGOs in their mission for the greater good. Arvivid founder Rebeca Kung envisioned “Arte Salvaje” as an opportunity to unite WWF’s shared passion for preserving the art of nature, and work together in defense of the natural environment, which since the beginning of time inspired countless art forms and creations. For WWF it was a natural partnership, especially with ARVIVID’s past work with The Children’s Hospital of Kyiv.


The exhibition is unique for contributing artists to celebrate and display their skill on a professional level while being a piece of the conservation effort- an interwoven purpose that requires many Artists with sensitivity to the natural world were attracted to share their perspectives through individual shots, but with the magnitude of being alongside other driven artists in a curated space. “I could contribute my small grain of sand in a project that I consider of vital importance, the conservation of the environment” recounts photographer Jonathan Tajes. Artists from the competition as well as donors unite in this sentiment.  Chus Recio, another featured artist, reflects, “I believe that the greatest contribution I can make is my photographic work: my way of seeing and feeling nature, my way of showing its importance by reflecting on its beauty…” 

But the preservation of the forest is only possible through the preservation of each individual tree. Similarly, the shared vision of all collaborators is visible in the smaller interactions. Arvivid’s attention to each artist and piece with high-quality printing and curatorial skills bring vibrant photography to life in the physical space; a joy that for some artists was a new experience.

After the hard work of logistics and synchronization between artists, organizations, and teams, the collection of 30 artworks opened its doors at Casa Club (c/ Pinar 17, 28006 Madrid) where artists and representatives from both organizations were present to celebrate.“…to feel once again, like in the meetings I have attended with WWF, “how people who do not know each other can relate very well as if their involvement for nature was their engine of connection” reflects WWF representative Barbara Crespi. It was a special atmosphere of infectious inspiration, both in the environmentally-conscious mission but also in recognition of art as a driver for change. The exhibition can be visited free with registration until the end of July, and the online gallery through November. 

In a poetic mirroring of the wild systems of nature, a new ecosystem is just beginning to form as we reveal the interconnected and symbiotic relationships that can occur through art and conservation efforts. Photography maintains importance and profound value in an increasingly visual and technologically media-driven world. Juan Carlos Olmo, secretary general of WWF Spain,  observed the power that each photograph has in recognizing humans as the narrator of this story; a problem but also a hopeful solution. Arvivid strives to be part of that solution. We invite artists to join the authentic community where the art is represented in its full richness, both quality and cause. Let art speak louder, brighter, and with impact beyond the frame.