The long afternoons, refreshing dips in the pool, lazy road trips, and snuggly evenings, visual artist Esteban Ocampo – Giraldo’s work lights up any wall sparking memories of the summers that have passed. Each bright and playful composition brings youthful energy and envelops viewers into a narrative of their own. ARVIVID is proud to have Ocampo as part of our international community of artists and celebrates his oeuvre of beauty and distinct individualism. 

Ocampo was born and raised in Manizales, Colombia. He studied visual arts at the Universidad Pontificia Javeriana and then went on to specialize in painting at the New York Academy of Art. Throughout the years he has exhibited work throughout the USA and Europe. Despite having a career away from his hometown, Ocampo continues to take pride in Colombia painting scenes and elements from his culture and exhibiting in parts of Latin America as well. His personal experiences and emotions are seen in his work, revealing his personal perspective but allowing space for the imagination. 

To highlight this imaginative window, the narrative scenes of Ocampo’s work often depict scenes of human interaction but with a limited view of the human form. Instead, we are given the mysterious set of legs, eyes, or a fragment of an arm. 

The characteristic negation leads to an imagined story ending; with humor such as in Coveñasor the trepidatious drama in La RochelaCompelling compositions are met with technical manipulation of color and dimension to achieve a surreal and dreamlike quality that appeals to all senses.

Synaesthetic images bring to life the warm sunlight, humid jungle, and sounds of lazy splashing by the pool. Pool and Chill is a perfect example with its icy blue dappled water and geometric tiles that surround a private romantic moment between two swimming figures. The atmosphere is one of relaxed and nostalgic enjoyment- sure to bring a smile to the viewer’s face. Signature aerial compositions and pool settings are not the only recurring themes. His collection of familiar characters includes swimsuits, windows, pizza slices, and floaties – a selection that speaks to his energetic style setting himself apart in the world of modern art prints. 

ARVIVID’s Ocampo selection of wall prints contain similar romantic moments, but also demonstrates a range of emotion in some of his other favored subjects. His landscapes explore familiar views of his beautiful home country. Frailejones makes the common Espeletia plant of Colombia and its neighboring countries the star of the painting, sharing personal idiosyncrasies of Ocampo’s beloved land through artwork. The diversity of work in bright giclee printing enhances joyful interiors perfect for decorating walls of the kitchen, lounge, and even bathrooms. His framed prints bring fresh energy to modern spaces and create that characteristic charm and ease. Ocampo is a true testament to the layers of visual art that combine the fun and eclectic, with the dramatic and deep- always with a sense of pleasure and a story to tell.