A world of collage both surface and deep

Terrifically vibrant with fascinating textures and patterns, the works of Merve Aydin are easy to spot with their bold and characteristic compositions. Geometric simplicity harmonizes with the intriguing nuance and saturation of macro photography making one return for a closer look. The many-layered pieces will unfold with every second glance, much like the inspiration and journey of the artist themselves.

Living in Istanbul, Turkey, Merve Aydin finds inspiration from the rich history and culture of the bustling city surrounding her own personal experience. After completing a masters degree in architecture, Aydin began to produce paintings and collages, experimenting with multi-media. Her explorations define a unique style that paradoxically uncovers depth by staying on a surface level – sometimes literally.

 The artwork was motivated by her recent thesis in which she explored geometric surfaces in historical places. She wanted to give more weight to her discoveries allowing new perceptions to develop of the seemingly familiar.  Her visual language balances digital and analog forms in a playfully original aesthetic- such as seen in the bright and cheerful Petals.

 Against a bold green, the shape of a flower unfolds its petals to a world of swirling textures. This mixed piece combines collage with a funkiness reminiscent of the bright statement of pop art. Simple forms appeal to the balance of symmetry and simplicity but playfully contradict the intriguing textures that we see. One is provoked to imagine what spaces and places the images convey tracing their whispers of familiarity to your everyday life.

It’s that acute sense of the enigmatic and magical that interrupts the basic graphic style and has you looking again- exactly what Aydin intends. For her, playing with perception is a moment of presence that ironically results from careful curation over time. Concepts of space, memory, and color are communicated with reference to both art history and modern work. She acknowledges the depth and history of each pattern referring to some of her collage works as “archaic surfaces”, a term hinting at her architectural background. The accumulation of inspiration from so many mediums may turn a creative process into a lengthy exploration observing how so many mediums and pieces fit together. Hence the theme of whole vs. part is explored in the joining and fracturing of aesthetic style and imagery. Mervve Aydin embraces that complexity seeing it as a method to unleash her own free expression.

This can be seen in the variety of work she produces. Inspired by abstract and still life paintings, Anatomy of Flowers uses a collage of many photography of flowers to create a colorful and otherworldly technique. The mesmerizing piece distorts perspective differing from the flatter and more graphic style where the background and subject blend into one. Texture and colors create a sense of movement, an adventure through the many intriguing details.

With color and energy to spare, Merve Aydin’s works are easy choices to tickle the senses and boost energy, perfect for decorating. The works offered in ARVIVIDs online gallery are special for their elegant charm, but also for their versatility to enhance more than one interior design style. Their graphic qualities are a perfect fit for vintage and retro-style spaces while vibrant colors make them an obvious choice for boho, eclectic, or as the splash of color in modern interiors. Whether sophisticated or quirky, spaces and viewers can soak up and appreciate the piece of color and magic that Aydin spreads to the world.

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