“I believe in a better future full of color and LIFE.” 

The message that radiates from the bright and elegant paintings of painter Sergio S. Paris is hard to ignore. In a reinvention and exploration of portraiture or life drawing,  his compositions tout bold colors and distorted dimensions. The subjects are captured in stillness, framed by the vibrancy of life. 

Sergio’s taste for color and art started at a young age competing in painting competitions until later taking classes at Beatriz Diaz Horcajo’s studio. It was in the classroom that Sergio began to understand light and color. But soon after, his journey led to a new source of inspiration in France where his perspective opened up and his painting style took on an identity away from the classroom. Exploring the museums of  Paris armed with a sketchbook and a taste for color he began to branch away from formal training and develop his own style. The brilliant colors found during his academic training are what remained singing an infectious anthem of positivity and playfulness in all of his paintings. 

Sergio’s figurative use of colorful shapes is also inspired by the non-figurative explorations of Auguste Herbin. In Le Physionomie irregular geometric shapes of the warp the focus and offer subtle differentiation with gradients and reflective elements. The warmth and energy of the background is a welcome questioning of powerful muscularity that might otherwise dominate the composition. The flattened space may also be a hint at a visual abstraction of space itself, a cubist sensibility perhaps influenced by another of Sergio’s inspirations; Pablo Picasso. 

Picasso’s notable cubist style meets Sergio’s own awareness of design and architecture depicting the settings and subjects with equal magnetism. The colorful arches that form the background of Les Reves de la Monde form an intriguing passage into the painting as a contrast to the flat figure of the main subject. The effect can almost be an expression of the figure’s far-off look as viewers are drawn in to wander and observe the artistic thoughts and spaces. In  L’actor. Oda al Vino the subject is framed in the jilted border of his own making as the wine he pours delightfully swirls into his glass. The playful design spills over the edge of the canvas as if by the spirit of the very Bacchus it celebrates.

It’s no surprise that Sergio’s style and taste have led him to explore other outlets. With eagerness and curiosity, he seeks to improve people’s lives through art leading him to new projects such as designing furniture and currently creating lamps for his own company. ARVIVID is proud to be host to a few of his artworks which fit into the world of interior design with ease. The fusion of old and new techniques seems to mix pop art, fauvism, cubism, and good old fashion doodling in a fantastically unique and thoroughly captivating style. These original works can brighten the big spaces of the home and lift the atmosphere while being instant statements adapting to any versatile interior. Sergio believes that color in architecture and decoration is here to stay and after seeing the beauty of his work, we hear, agree, and hope for more.

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