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María Bueno
The multidisciplinary artist María Bueno (Zaragoza, 1994), who works under the pseudonym of Pezones Revueltos, takes women, feminism, fashion and consumerism as her main sources of inspiration. Through this, she investigates beauty, femininity and feelings by means of simple and colourful images and where she allows different women to feel identified and reflected.




  • Boga, Centro Joaquín Roncal, Zaragoza. Project curated by Óscar García García, co-founder of PAC and director of JUSTMAD and JUSTLX,
  • Art Paradiso Hotel, 2023


  • Solo exhibition NFT virtual. Missoni Art Festival, Barcelona


  • Exhibition in Tokyo for NYLON JAPAN magazine.
Top Projects:


  • Sculpture inspired by the work of Goya for the Zaragoza City Hall


  • Mural for Madrid Fashion Week


  • Illustrated creative campaign for Bimba y Lola
  • Creative campaign for Tous Christmas, illustrated
  • Creative campaign for Yorokobu
  • Creative campaign for the art book publisher Artika, Maria Escote and Frida Kahlo


  • Creative campaign design for Net-A-Porter


  • Commissioned canvas for Gucci



  • Cover for Vogue Spain


  • Named by Vogue Spain in its editorial Promesas de Luz as one of the country’s most promising visual artists.


  • Amy Winehouse’s illustrated biography, Lunwerg Editores


  • Las Rebeldes, Editorial La Caja Books


  • Paso de ser una princesa, Editorial Planeta


“Checkmate” talks about fashion, and specifically about the search for strategies to knock down the opponent and feel victorious in a world marked by elitism, where the true lovers of the sector claim to belong to the world of art, because, like the artist, they understand fashion as such.

Ode to self-love by María Bueno: “Happy day of love for me, that I have learned to love myself again after stumbling over so many stones, happy day of love for me, that I have learned to love my quirks after hating them, happy day of love for me, that I have learned that the prince of the romantic film is me”.

The (wrongly) called class weirdos, nerds, misunderstood people or geeks are always the most interesting people.


Adeniyi Damilola


Adeniyi is a visual artist with 5 years of experience creating African-focused artwork. He is recognized for constantly developing innovative techniques to foster creativity and visual enhancement, as well as for working on “Afro-surrealism” and themes related to the Yoruba tradition. Various media and techniques are the main characteristics of his unique style.

2022 The wright art collection (One tree cannot be a forest) 2023

2021 FNB Art Joburg (Group exhibition: Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt)

2021 Whatiftheworld gallery and Krone (Group exhibition: 40 under 40)

2021 Mitochrondria Gallery (Group exhibition: Paradigms of perceptions)

2021 African Art foundation (Group exhibition: Unusual Suspects)


Phumulani Ntuli


Phumulani Ntuli, born in 1986, obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2012 from the University of Johannes- burg, where he majored in sculpture. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts – Arts Public Sphere from (ECAV) Ecole Cantonale D’Art du Valais in Sierre-Switzerland and was awarded Prix-excellence for his ongoing research project Permutations of an event centered around notions of archives and surveillance.
His work merges the ambit of artistic research, sculpture, video installations, and performative practices. He consistently engages diverse publics/audiences and attempts to make visible history’s gaps/breaks/silences/ pauses and remnants.
As an artist and practitioner, Phumulani has presented and/or contributed work in 59th Venice Biannale 2022, ICA Performance Festival, the Spier Light Art Festival 2021, Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival 2020, Young Congo Biennale 2019, Live Works V6 curated by Simone Frangi and Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Kampala Biennale 2016, Uganda curated by Elise Atangana, the Bone Performance Festival 2016, Bern Switzerland, curated by Valerian Maly and has also performed in the Act Festival 2016 in Geneva, Basel, Sierre and Zurich
During the aforementioned year, Ntuli participated in residencies and workshops at the Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, Italy, and the Alps Art Academy in Chur, Switzerland. This is his third solo exhibition, after two solo performance projects at Alps Art Academy in Chur, Switzerland in 2016 to 2017, Umjondolo at Goethe-Institut, Jo- Johannesburg; Thupelo, Cape Town and Infecting the City, Johannesburg in 2012 to 2014.

Ntuli’s work figures around fictional geographies, simulations, archives, and representations. He explores these concerns through a collision between documentary and fiction using collages, performance, and video installation. Ntuli’s work lends to essayistic forms, written through a lens and investigating post-lens materiality within the production processes. He attempts to map the movement of images, not as isolated frames, but as a series of notes, pauses, and ripples that cannot be captured. In his artistic practice, motion carries leakages and is often porous and nebulous. Through these concerns, he questions the format of lens-based media in telling historical events and situations within a geopolitical imagination.

Tiroche Deleon Collection 

Iziko Museum Cape Town South Africa

Art Bank: South African

Absa Art Gallery Johannesburg South Africa.

ECAV Library Sierre Switzerland

2013 KKW Foundation Public Sculpture Commission Holland.

Top 5 Finalist for Ferreira Mining Camp Public Sculpture Commission -Johannesburg.

Brainstorm ICT magazine.

2019 Artelier Solar, Madrid Spain.

2018 Air Antwerpen, Antwerp Belgium.

2016 Sound, Body, Space UNIDEE Cittadellarte Biella-Italy Fondazione Pistoletto.

Alps Art Acameny-Chur Switzerland. 

Curating the Alps-Creative Villages-Lytron Switzerland.

2014 Open Lab Richmond, Northern Cape.

2012 Thupelo foundation workshop.

France South Africa Season, Digital Arts Interactive Workshop Wits School of Arts.

2011 Arts and Culture Trust Master Classes (Governing Boards for Non-profit Organization).

2022 Javett-University of Pretoria Visionary Award.

2017 Prix Excellence HES-O Switzerland.

2016 Wyss Foundation Scholarship. Switzerland 

2011 NRF (National Research Foundation) Block Scholarship, University of Johannesburg.

City Festival for 1ST place for Visual Arts category. Museum Africa Johannesburg.

2013 Goethe Institute Project Grant, Johannesburg.
NEWARC Studio Bursary Award by Africalia and Assemblage.


2022 Visionary Award Residency Javett-University of Pretoria October 2022/March 2023

2022 Umjondolo

2022 Artist’s Film International 

Crawford Art Gallery 18 August 2022-18 September 2022

GAMec Bergamo 07/13 November 2022

2022 AFI Artist Film International 

Crawford Art Gallery 18 August 2022-18 September

The Bioscope Independent Cinema Johannesburg.

GAMec Bergamo 07/13 November 2022

Neuer Berliner Kunstverei December 2022

Buffer Zones Javett Art Center University of Pretoria 

Isidleke Sakhiwa Ngezinwele Galeria Nueva Madrid.

59th Venice Biannale_South African Pavilion.

2022 ICA- Institute for Creative Arts 28 March/31 March

2022 Solo Exhibition Artelier Solar Madrid Spain 31 July

2022 Venice Biennale 23 April/27November Italy Venice

2019 Congo Biennale, Kinshaasa DRC

2017 Access, USEGO Project space, Sierre, Switzerland.

2015 Trento Italy

2016 Material City_Everard Read Gallery, curated by Sandile Radebe, exhibition Catalogue Cape Town, South Africa.

2015 Degrees of separation, exhibition catalogue, ABSA Gallery, Johannesburg South Africa.

2013 Umjondolo/Shack, project catalogue, Johannesburg South Africa.

2020 Fakugesi Digital Arts Festival, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Covered Bioscope, Bag Factory Artists Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Lines and Gestures, curated by Candice Allison.

2016 Bone Performance Festival-Bern Switzerland. 

Seven Hills-Kampala Biennale-Uganda curated by Elise Atangana.

Material City-Everard Read Cape Town-South Africa.

ACT Perform Festival    Sierre, Geneva, Zurich and Basel-Switzerland.

Maxxx project space-Sierre-Switzerland.

2015 21 Years of Democracy-Michigan State University. 

2014 ITC-Infecting the City-Public performance Art Festival Cape Town.

Absa KKNK “Post-Colonial Africa”. Eastern Cape.

2013 ZOO-Exhibition-Nirox projects. JHB.

Reverie heights site specific performance-Dance Ambrella JHB.

Contemporary reading of the seven deadly virtues, Fried Contemporary Gallery.  Pretoria: South Africa.

Raid, Design Indaba, Cape Town Convention Center, South Africa.


Nii Anyetei Ras


Erasmus Anyetei Odoi (Ghana,b. 1989) produces paintings that radiate confidence, boldness, and represent the desire of Africans to speak and compel attention through visual narrative. This visual voice creates awareness in the black societies in the world: that people of color can also make it through, shed what others think about us, and concentrate on our talents gifted from above to change our societies and the world as a whole.
He is an alma mater of the very famous Ghanatta college of art and design which has produced talents like Amoako Boafo, Serge Attukwei Clottey, Kwesi Botchway, et al.
After graduating from Ghanatta College in 2013, he had his first exhibition in 2015 at the former Novotel hotel in Accra. Since then, Erasmus Anyetei Odoi(Nii Anyetei Ras) has had group exhibitions at the Kotoka international airport arrival hall 2017, Panafest Ghana.
As an artist Nit Anyetei Ras is not bound to movement, styles, or techniques. Rather, his emotions are manifested in artistic creation and emotional surges from within. Nii Anyetei Ras does not merely mirror societal realities. Instead, he engages and challenges realities. “I always dare to confront through art, the realities that confound society. For me, art is a dream, a vision, and a transformative system of human expression.”

“This current series of art pieces I am producing is the greatest task I have ever taken in the field of art.
The merits that come from it benefit not only my buyers (collectors) but also my community in which I come from and the world as a whole, through waste management. 85% or more of the mediums used are from popular nylon plastic waste that has a lifespan of five centuries or more and can be found on a daily basis in trash bins of households and market areas all around the world.
The process involved in production starts from going to places like cold stores, Food joints, shops, wholesales, and households to gather the plastic waste which is mainly used for binding boxes. Washing and drying them follows. I then enhance some selected ones with color and weave them into the forms and shapes needed to compose them into beautiful pieces the world will cherish forever.
My vision towards creating these pieces is making my possible best in changing the world (helping in plastic waste management and at the same time creating smiles on the faces of art lovers who relate with my vibe) through my flow of life which is art.”

2022 commissioned by the president of the republic of Ghana and His team for an instant portrait of former president of south Africa Nelson Mandela to be gifted to unto the south African dignitaries at Nelson Mandela’s 100 years celebrations which was held in Ghana at the Labadi beach hotel 2018.

2015 Novotel hotel in Accra

2017 Kotoka international airport

2017 Panafest Ghana

2019 Africa Contemporary Art Gallery, Hamburg, Germany.

2017-2018-2019-2021 Chale Wote art festival.


Yola Balanga


Yola Balanga (Luanda, Angola, 1994) lives and works in Luanda, Angola.
She began her contact with art in theater and fashion, later graduating in Visual and Plastic Arts at the University of Luanda. With presentations of works in Madrid, Nigeria and Luanda, she uses art as an element of transcendence and as a tool for sociopolitical and cultural questioning. She often presents herself as a visual artist or transdisciplinary female artist but states that she prefers to present herself as a Performer since all her artistic practice always starts from there.

It orbits around the daily struggles that women face during maternity. In historical context, the machete in my hands and present in all photos is a symbol of colonial revolution in her country. It tells the story that the colonizers were defeated with machetes, and the titles were inspired by the phrases icons of political speeches. Balanga seeks to address loneliness in motherhood as an individual state of war; being with a machete in bed, while I breastfeed my daughter, in collective places like the kitchen, and beside the dining table dinner. She tries to convey to the observer the constant state of a mother/woman.

2021 Resiliart. American Schools of Angola e UNESCO. Luanda –Angola

2021 Fuckin ́Globo VII. Luanda – Angola

2020 Kimpa21. Luanda – Angola

2019 Access, Residencia Luuanda. Colectivo Pés Descalços, Luanda- Angola

2019 Atelier Solar. Madrid- Espanha.

2022 Quadros de Guerra, Corpos de Luto, Luanda

2020 Expanded Body, Performance as an element of transcendence.

2019 Ink house. Expanded body. La Nave Sánchez-Ubiria, Madrid – Spain

2021 Luanda Biennial 2021. 10/10 Performance with the European Union. Palace of
Iron, Luanda – Angola.
– Luanda Biennial 2021. Painting. São Miguel Fortress, History Museum Military, Luanda-Angola.
– ResiliArt Exhibition. Live performance. American School of Angola and UNESCO, Luanda- Angola
– Damn Globe VII. video performance. Hotel Globo, Luanda – Angola
– Tones in the Feminine. Chart. Oscar Ribas House Museum, Luanda – Angola.

2020 With Our Own Eyes. Painting – Abuja Digital Art Week. Abuya – Nigeria.
– Open Studion: Kimpa21 Residence- Criticism and Curatorship Laboratory and ELA-Space Luanda Art. Luanda Angola
– Damn Globe VI. Installation and Operation. Hotel Globe, Luanda-Angola.
“What future?” Table. Online www.plataformalacc.com . Luanda Angola.
– Nuances in the Feminine. Table. Rangel Cultural Center_ Njinga Mbande, Luanda- Angola.
– Hybrid Daughters. Installation/Painting. Sky One. Luanda- Angola.
– Here’s Africa. Vido_ Installation. New Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2019 Multicultural Exhibition. Performance. Skay One. Luanda- Angola.
– Open Studio: Luuanda Residence. Vido_ Yield. Barefoot. Luanda Angola.
– National Hall of Young Creators. Performance. House of Youth Viana, Luanda-Angola.
– Decolonial Performancelab performance show. Performance. Art and Culture Foundation, Luanda – Angola.
– Zero Year Paradigm: dawn the dawn of art as a form of resistance. Performance. Higher Institute of Arts, Luanda –Angola. 

2017 Volume 1.17: Archive of the Future. Performance. Higher Institute of Arts, Luanda-Angola.

2015 Happening. Higher Institute of Arts, Luanda –Angola.