Small gift ideas

Small reminders of friendships and creativity can spruce up the passing spaces of life like a bathroom counter or office desk.

Ana Thome

$75 – $382

This graphic piece is sweet and cozy for appreciating the little moments.


$51 – $402

Fresh and fun this photographic piece is part of a small series that brings exude subtle and refreshing energy.

Gifts under $100

On a budget this holiday season? ARVIVIDs online catalog contains works for any price range. These special pieces are accessible in size and price for any buyer and space. 

Dani Jian

$73 – $263

Photography with a magical twist brings subtle color to any space.

Lázaro Hurtado

$48 – $139

Family homes will soak in the warm colors of Hurtado’s whimsical scenes.

Ana Thome

$63 – $414

A charming moment of peace for good friends and siblings to enjoy.

Gifts for Small Spaces

Small spaces are an opportunity to frame pieces and appreciate and see the details. Elegant abstracts or whimsical illustrations open up the space to avoid the compressing feel of more dominating artworks.

Thibault Marcilly

$339 – $430

What may appear simple at first reveals incredible detail close up.

Hubert Abitbol

$73 – $163

A cheerful scene to warm a reading nook or cozy desk area.

Xavier Bilbao Berrojalbiz

$85 – $322

A small space will frame this simple and sparse photographic print, a still moment of beauty amidst a vast environment.

Gifts for Art Lovers

Don’t be afraid to gift artwork to experienced enthusiasts! Emphasize the transcendent power of art with highly unique original pieces or works that speak to a greater cause.

Sara Velez


An original oil on canvas painting that distills a moment of youthful energy celebrating playfulness and movement.

Ananto Biswas Utshow

$210 – $500

A stunning photo taken by a young emerging photographer in their home country of Bangladesh. Arvivids election of fundraising artworks partners with NGOs to help those in need.

Gifts for New Parents

For new parents, an artful accent in a new child’s room is a perfect gift to elevate the design and add an atmosphere of playfulness. Colorful works are sure to match the design of children’s rooms and play spaces.

Marta Mikkelson

$157 – $281

A medley of colors and shapes absorbing viewers of any age into it’s depths.

Paula Revigliono

$121 – $257

A memory of the playful moments of the past, or the joyful ones to come. 

Gifts for Parents

Celebrate parents and the space they created for you with a luxury gift sure to warm their hearts and homes this holiday season. Limited edition prints are extra special unique artworks that invite beauty and elegance into any home.

Oli Mumby

$228 – $352

A medley of textures and shapes in a creative expression of a tranquil rural scene.

José de la Barra


The lustrous palette of this stunning fine art print will take the stage in the living room.

Philip Mckay


Stunning ethereal beauty of this magical piece remembers childlike imagination with newfound serenity. 

Gifts for Friends

These works are viewed with the joy of everyday life representing the connection and fun had between close friends.

Esteban Ocampo

$71 – $422

A moment that invites a sense of absolute presence enjoying the sun, the water, and the company.

Agostina Ozz

$71 – $422

A wild and wacky composition radiates energy and fun for a shared sense of humor. 

Helena Rubi

$98 – $405

The connection between two people sometimes is only expressed in shared silence.

Gifts for Travelers

Artworks can remember cultures and places with an expressive nuance, a new personal meaning found in the reinterpretation.

María Balado

$103- $343

The bright and eclectic streets of Lisbon imagine the sounds and smells drifting in the salty air. 

Mena Sambiasi

$77 – $269

Stunning photography reveals architectural details around the world. 

Anatoliy Anshin

$48 – $278

This black and white photograph is a portal to the magnificence of the dramatic artistry of mother nature. 

Gifts for Fashion Lovers

Fashion lovers will appreciate the flair of Elena Paoletti’s high couture illustrations. The modern reference to stylish silhouettes and magazine covers offers a nostalgic and edgy atmosphere to match similarly stylish mid-century and retro interiors.

Elena Paoletti

$85 – $221

Chic and mysterious, a tribute to the androgenous nature of fashion and timeless poise.

Elena Paoletti

$85 – $221

Abstract shapes and colors meet the flair of high fashion to create the epitome of elegance.

Gifts for Animal Lovers

For spaces to celebrate the beauty of the natural environment and the multitude of energies it gives us.

Milja Laine

$77- $428

A delicate pattern of nature’s charming and fragile organisms.

George Wheelhouse

$242 – $593

The splendor of nature speaks for itself in these extraordinary black-and-white photos of power and beauty.