When a word is worth a thousand pictures: who we are and what we do.

When you think of art, what do you see? Gilded frames freezing expressionist figures in moments of intensity? Picturesque landscapes painstakingly made to order at the local street fair? Motivational doodles that greet your morning instascroll? What about the millions of snaps that now pepper our feeds periodically as ceremonious “photodumps”?

From “masterpiece” to “photodump”, single words aren’t quite enough to accurately convey the wholeness of the art experience. ARVIVID is a joining of three words: Art, vivir (to live), and vivid. The combination encapsulates the complexity of the art experience and the core values that have been present since the beginning.

Rebeca kung CEO ARVIVID


For founder Rebeca Kung, the influence of art was discovered and impassioned from an early age. The creation of ARVIVID fused childhood interest with experience to spread that passion to all. Art contains the power to comfort, provoke, complete, reflect, and induce the complexity of feelings that life summons. Art brings communities together in that shared transcendent expression but also draws attention to the subjectivity of experience. ARVIVID´s catalog offers a selection of work from digital, photography, abstract, expressionist, and more all having been processed to optimal quality. Rebeca continues to be an active role in the selection of curated works which often involves active and detailed discussions of each submission.

VIVIR ("to live" in Spanish)

The ways we view art have been changing. What used to be a rarity reserved for museums is now just a few seconds away thanks to the internet. In the exciting culture of progressive technology digitized lifestyles, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by virtual feeds. Artists may feel the pressure and ease of posting but with little return other than a handful of “likes”. With wall art and home decoration, we remember and enjoy the live experience of art while increasing our sensitivity away from our virtual lives. We want to empower artists to have their hold a presence with viewers as it opens new portals of perspective, imagination, and story. Have your art gain the space and attention it deserves.

In addition, vivir celebrates the diversity of communities involved. Each piece is an expression of the international community between artists, buyers, and NGOs. The cycle of support continues as we grow our relationships and selection of work.


We see the combination of lifestyle and art not as a chosen meeting but as natural companionship. By nurturing that connection we open ourselves to experience the world in new ways, feel harmony with the communities immediate and beyond, be provoked to heighten consciousness, feel at home in the spaces we dwell, and culminate the complexity of being present into the act of living vividly.

ARVIVID exists to help all enjoy the connective power of art. Our efficiency and high standards allow artists and buyers to share art hassle-free. Buyers can make optimal decisions personalized to their preferences with tips from our home decorating experts and the range from our online gallery. Artists remove the tedious logistics allowing skilled experts to prepare their work for high-grade reproduction.

With the word “ARVIVID” we encapsulate the passion of what was once Rebeca’s childhood dream and is now a community that continues o grow daily. So when we think of art, what do we see? Though any of our catalog pieces could suffice, they wouldn’t be complete without the full vision. We picture art with the space it holds, the people it involves, and the change it can influence beyond the brushstrokes.

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