If you’ve ever seen a chic interior design pop up on your socials then perhaps you also know the creaky discomfort of transforming your own homey spaces to the ones you pin or “like”. If you’re a busy person with new space, it may be that from the past six months you haven’t even finished unpacking – decorating is certainly out of the question. Perhaps you’re someone whose mobility has prevented a consistent space and once settled can’t even fathom the idea for picking a side table let alone wall art. Why is decorating so hard!? Maybe if it wasn’t important it wouldn’t be easy…


The individual culture and atmosphere of our dwelling spaces are important to preserve; homes may be for connection and comfort, offices to energize and focus, bars or restaurants to relax and find that specific tone of boisterous energy. Sometimes that desired atmosphere can make it difficult to visualize in artful decoration. ARVIVID sympathizes with the reality of obstacles that may delay decorating. We believe that however vague your vision is, the decision to invite art into your space is worth celebrating and shouldn’t feel like a looming sense of unreachable responsibility. Here to help with that solution,  ARVIVID’s new Art concierge service is designed to offer personalized guidance towards the art that fits any context

Art Concierge is an easy step-by-step process to receive wall art consultation and personalized plans for any space. By expressing your desires, however crazy or surprising they may be, it is our challenge and pleasure to make the world of decoration accessible. First, submissions of the dimensions and visuals photos or videos of the space, along with any style preferences (links to inspirations) are collected. After processing, you receive a personalized design proposal imagining a constellation of original wall art prints from our community of international artists. The pieces selected are from a growing range of curated artworks reproduced using museum-grade giclée printing. They are available in a variety of mediums and frames, flexible towards the needs of the space.

In addition, Art Concierge implies a continued relationship by providing a few design iterations so that the final scheme is a result of a conversation with your preferences as the driving force. Three service packages are available whether a smaller accent wall of an apartment or a statement wall of a restaurant looking for more than ten frames. After finding a design scheme that fits your needs, artworks can be ordered (with a discount) to bring that design to life! 

With this bespoke service, the final result is the transformation of your visions into a new and refreshed personalized space that speaks beyond aesthetic. From our dedicated design team to our community of skilled artists, ARVIVID moves with the intention of organically integrating art into your lifestyle. No more envy for waiting room design magazine interiors! Be it framed, unframed, casual, formal, or seasonal, let ARVIVID accompany you along the journey in creating your perfect space with art.