Are the empty walls crying out to you? Decorating the home can be fun but also confusing. Every space comes with its own atmosphere and specifics that can define choices in wall art for the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or even bathroom. Here are six tips to keep in mind when it comes to choosing fine art prints for your home. 

Start with instinct and allow the dream

When a piece of art immediately draws a certain space to mind, follow that intuition and seriously consider the possibilities. Perhaps your instinct exists in another form, knowing some of the aspects of what you are looking for but not knowing the specific piece. Allow that to guide your browsing. Your home is an expression of self so encourage yourself to dream thinking of all the possibilities; original and limited edition statement works, gallery walls, canvas prints, maybe even a print series! 

Know your space

Wall art for the bedroom will be of a different atmosphere than the art prints for the dining room. Knowing the interior design scheme of your space is helpful when choosing something that can complement well; classical techniques in landscapes and portraits may be more suitable for mid-century decor while abstract works and photography can shine in minimalist or nordic-inspired spaces. Be assured that the overall experience of art throughout a home will give a sense of personality and one-of-a-kind living.

Be practical

ARVIVID giclee printing technology eliminates concerns of durability but other considerations are important. The kitchen and bathroom may need different placements to avoid the elements. The culture of the household is also a good consideration; away from small sticky hands or in easy view for frequently hosted events.

Involve others

Getting the household in on the process is a fun way to make the space mean something to everyone. If the decisions are getting to be overwhelming, other perspectives can unstick your instinct. If still stuck, ARVIVID’s Art Concierge tool is a way to find fresh designs for your space with none of the headaches!

Be curious

Art connects on a variety of levels sometimes beyond the aesthetic. Don’t hesitate to find out more about the artist, medium, or inspiration behind the artwork. Especially in common areas, you never know when it can be the perfect conversation starter.

Return to instinct

Check-in with your original dream and vision. Amidst your process, staying connected to your instinct keeps your relationship with the art and space at the center. Returning to your original intention and dream can be a way of observing if your decisions still keep your best interests in mind.

Art for the home is here to enhance and enjoy, not create stress. If time or confusion remain a worry- never fear! Art Concierge at ARVIVID is a bespoke service to manage all your preferences and find the art solution that fits any situation. Know that at the end of the day you have the pleasure of relaxing into the couch to observe and feel your new artful home.