The gifting season is here!

So is the challenging task of finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. The case for art-gifting is an easy one; it’s versatile for anyone in any space while being beautiful, valuable, and personal. Shopping at online galleries like ARVIVID and having a variety of customizable details, the process of gifting artwork has never been easier. The hardest part is making sense of the unlimited number of options. Here are our thoughts on how to buy art for anyone in any space.

Choose from the heart / Make it personal

Art is a touching and personal gift, so keep an open mind and give yourself the time to contemplate a few different options. Think of the creative taste of the person in question, which may be totally different than yours! If unknown, a good starting point is to match a person’s interests and hobbies with their style. Their sense of humor, fashion, or music can help inform what genre of art they enjoy as well as the atmosphere within their home. 

Reading the artist’s statement and inspiration can also bring insight and connection between the artwork and the recipient’s preference. If possible, you can also sneakily find out more about their preferences by asking their family or friends – or even dropping a few questions to them themselves.

Wrap it with care / Make it practical

Choose art pieces that can fit their space in size, color, and design. Complementing the color scheme of the house and choosing an artwork in line with their interior design style are practical tips for ensuring it can be a part of everyday decor. Though very stunning, buying a large black and white statement piece for a small rustic interior might not be the best fit. Read our tips for matching artwork for a particular space. Keep in mind your own budget and find work that is realistic for you as well.

Complete the package / Make it easy

Receiving art is always a joy, and even more so when it’s ready for display. ARVIVID offers a variety of framing options to complete artwork ready to hang in the space. Neutral black and natural wood are great for subtle contemporary, minimal, or industrial interiors to snazzy gold and silver can be great for classic, modern, or even eclectic styles. Through our online selection and service, works can be delivered and go straight from the package to the wall. 

Give it with love! / Make it special

At the end of the day, the thoughtfulness of your gift will shine through and make it extra special! Not only do you support the artist community, but you are also supporting the intentionality and creative sensitivity that art stands for. Whatever the holiday, together we celebrate a world that is made vibrant and alive through the presence and appreciation of art. 

At ARVIVID, we make gift shopping easy. Browse our selection of gifts, select an art piece you love, customize its size and framing and get it delivered straight to their doorstep. Ensure to place the order before 15 December to receive it in time for Christmas.