Seems like everyone is selling something these days. From posters to ironic t-shirts to fun personalized mugs, creatives more and more frequently turn towards merchandising and e-commerce platforms as a way of seeing their work in the world. But can selling art online really be that easy? Can artists do it without all the stress? Does it have to include laptop stickers and t-shirt designs? The answer is YES, YES, and NO.  Trust that your work can be seen, sold, and even appreciated in the vibrance and quality that it is – and we are here to help. ARVIVID appreciates art in its many forms and styles –  from modern, bright and lively to abstract, monochrom and intriguing. Through our easy and thoughtful process, you can trust ARVIVID as a companion with a vision to get your art out of the studio and onto the wall anywhere in the world. Get ready to step into the beauty of being an international artist.


Let’s face it: it is no longer unique to be selling things online. Although the one-batch printing and family gifting projects are charming, artists can struggle with realizing and creating a sustainable market for their work. ARVIVID is positioned to bring your art into living/working spaces, always ensuring artistic integrity and adapting to market reality. Even with this vision, variety is not lost; check out our online prints gallery to see the whole curated range, which we constantly expand.


The next step is to transform that work into a digital medium. If you are working digitally already, great! You can find our guidelines for what dimensions and resolutions are ideal in our artist’s corner. If not, then there’s a little more planning to do. While a simple photo can be easy enough, ARVIVID’s standard strives to represent your work with as vibrant and realistic likeness as possible. In our Artist Area and FAQ section, you can easily find tips to help you with that process. Grab a friend, a camera, a tripod (or a series of props) to help turn your work into a digital format. Just to ensure quality in reproduction, our in-house editing team takes a look to finish any details. 

  1. PRICE

Artists set their prices with ARVIVID who values all the unseen effort and connection one has with their work. For that reason, the artist is asked to price their work themselves for the smallest unframed format. To save the headache, our simulator tool assists with pricing further formats.

  1. SHARE

Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, a biography and description of your work can enhance your story and your identity as an international artist. It also helps build connections with a new audience who comes across your work, and may eventually acquire it for their own homes. Tell the world what inspired you – share the special connection or moments that gave birth to your art. 

With these steps in place, the vision of seeing your art valued and acquired internationally is a whole lot closer. Every time a print is ordered, you will be paid –  with the option of donating to one of our NGOs. But your identity as an international artist doesn’t start when your work is on the wall. By going through the process, you have joined the ARVIVID artist community, a concentric community of international artists that can feel empowered to share that identity with pride.  In addition, ARVIVID’s opportunities for exhibitions are a great way to find face-to-face connections and make your online presence known in the real space. 

Just as the art world shifts and breathes with time, the next chapter of your artistic journey begins. Now wasn’t that easy?