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Inspirational walls


Dream Space

The centerpiece of your interior design, or the final touch – inspirational walls are a unique addition to home decor. 

Put your creative curation to work to design a constellation of individual artworks that together form a delightful expression of personality, taste, and imagination.

Industrial Style

Black and white photography and art prints add a dramatic accent to the spaces that already hold so much personality. Interior textures such as brick, steel, cement, or leather harmonize with artworks such as award-winning photographer Sara Goli’sCycling Alone,Architecture HuntingandAmong the Shape. It’s a game of simplicity using clean edges and dark simple frames to find a balance between rugged and sleek. Instead of overtaking that nuance and flair, photographic art showcases beautiful architecture and throws a new lens on existing sights. To help your personality pop, choose electrifying abstract art pieces such as Ken Lerner’s limited editions ‘Guitar 7c6, ‘Madison Park February Water Reflections 8c2’,‘Water 79hx8e

Water from Hudson River’. Photography prints likeThe Brooklyn Bridge by Jose Luis Sambeat match a laid-back, hipster loft interior atmosphere while still alluding to the surrounding urban jungle.



Inspirational Walls-04

Exposed rafters, reclaimed wood, iron, brick, concrete.

Mediterranean Style

What some see as a reinterpreted modern rustic interior, warm light and earthy tones underline the calm, simple yet elegant Mediterranean style. Abstract shapes and forms bring this interior design together in a harmonious blend of softness and excitement. This gallery wall heightens the intrigue and ease of a space while adding sparks through an abstract form or a sweeping textured brushstroke. The dynamic technique, saturated colors, and rich textures of paintings or paintings-based art prints are a classy and romantic choice. Combined with the overall interior vision, this style is specific and yet accommodates nuanced variations such as Shabby Chic or Ibicenco (Ibiza Beach vibe). Appropriate wall art creates this nuance from the elegant minimalist artwork such as ‘The Scandal’ series by Asmaa El Harimi, or else the playful and sumptuous art prints from Paula Revigliono such as What to Eat, Orange Dayor ‘Mardelsud’ series.


Inspirational Walls-02


Inspirational Walls-05

Wood, stone, leaves, organic elements.

Modern Living

Modern style is truly open to personal interpretation. Clean lines and simple shapes for furniture are accented by bold textures and colors to boost the aesthetics and the energy. It can be quirky, nostalgic, or bright and fun – this gallery wall is a chance for individual taste to shine with personality. Using predominantly white and pastel color palettes to create a more nordic aesthetic, while velvety textures, gold trims and occasional vintage pieces speak glamor and luxury.

Jorge Omeñaca´s photographs‘ Gold Palemera’ or ‘Leather Sheets’ can echo the gold accents in the room with a touch of elegance. Elena Paoletti´s fashion illustrations and ‘Flower Power’ series from Mishi make for a chic and feminine vibe. As another atmosphere, grandeur and vibrance are brought to life in movement and drama of Estefanía Landeras‘Allegretto’ series and Nacho Santos Gugel´sSkiing in Miami Beach’. Mixing and matching with frames and sizes curates an experience that is both contained, but full of surprises to share. Each art piece on this gallery wall is its own conversation but appears alongside each other to create a picture of modern living: functional, thoughtful, and brightly energetic


Inspirational Walls-03


Inspirational Walls-06

Vintage furniture, pastel palette, mixed patterns, risky, velvet.

Art Concierge

Create your gallery wall effortlessly with our Art Concierge service. The ARVIVID design team will put together proposals that visualize artwork(s) in your actual room and help elevate your space with art.