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Support NGOs

ARVIVID sets out to impact the world through creativity and art, and seeks to support NGOs from on of the following categories:

Equality & Diversity | Environment & Climate | Children & Education | Medicine & Health

NGOs List​

These are the NGOs we currently collaborate with. Artists can choose to donate the profits from the sale their artwork to any NGOs on our list.

For World Wildlife Fund (WWF Spain), ARVIVID successfully organized and sponsored an International Photography Contest in May 2022, and is launching the exhibition “Arte Salvaje” featuring winning and invited artwork from 9-31 July 2022 in Madrid with charity sale – 100% of the profits go to support WWF’s work in protecting the nature, fighting climate change & wildlife conservation. 

The hospital, which now houses 800 innocent children and babies. Let’s help the children and the hospital staff, a group of brave men and women who have refused to abandon the children. The money raised was secured for the most urgent needs of the hospital: such as medicines and medical supplies, baby food, hygiene facilities and household items.

ARVIVID represents an opportunity to generate additional funds for NGOs, in two ways:


Be on our NGO list is completely FREE.
No strings attached.