Limited Edition Basic Conditions

Original Art &

Limited Edition


Basic Conditions

 1. Intellectual Property: 

Selling original and/or limited-edition art with ARVIVID does not affect the Artist’s intellectual property rights with respect to these original art pieces and/or their editions

 2. Limited Edition Prints: 

ARVIVID only represents the editions assigned by the Artist. The Artist can choose to i) provide printed and signed edition(s) and corresponding certificates of the edition(s) or ii) commission ARVIVID to handle printing – ARVIVID offers Giclée printing on Hahnemühle grade mediums, being it paper or canvas. Artist may suggest the type of medium; ARVIVID reserves the rights to take the necessary decision to maintain the top quality it sets out to provide.

 3. Pricing: 

Artists define the price. An addendum is to be signed on a case-by-case basis for detailed conditions besides the Limited Edition Conditions and the Original Art Conditions attached to it
–      Original: ARVIVID takes 30% of commission on the net sales price (excluding tax)
–      Limited Edition, already printed:  ARVIVID takes 30% of commission on the net sales price (excluding tax), if the artist has the Limited Edition prints already printed and signed
–      Limited Edition, ARVIVID to manage printing and the custody of corresponding certificates: a 35% of commission on the net sales price (excluding tax) is applied, and the printing cost shall be covered by the Artist

 4. Shipping cost: 

To be covered by the Buyer; shipping should be organized by the Artist, but can be organized by ARVIVID upon request

 5. Integrity: 

A prior examination of the integrity and the state of the artwork via Videoconference is required for both Original and already printed Limited Edition art

 6. Digital Creation: 

In the case of Limited-Edition Prints from Digital Creations, an additional declaration of non-participation in the NFTs is required to ensure no additional editions will be produced

 7. Selection: 

All applications submitted will go through a selection process. ARVIVID may choose to represent, or not, the artwork submitted.