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Maria Bueno Pezones Revueltos Checkmate


By María Bueno – Pezones Revueltos

“Checkmate” talks about fashion, specifically about the search for strategies to knock down the opponent and feel victorious in a world marked by elitism, where the true lovers of the sector claim to belong to the world of art, because, like the artist, they understand fashion as such.

2022 – Oil on canvas

 115 x 162 cm

See the artwork in the following video and enjoy the details

María Bueno – Pezones Revueltos

Artist Statement

The multidisciplinary artist María Bueno (Zaragoza, 1994), who works under the pseudonym of Pezones Revueltos, takes women, feminism, fashion and consumerism as her main sources of inspiration. Through this, she investigates beauty, femininity and feelings by means of simple and colourful images and where she allows different women to feel identified and reflected
2023 Boga, Centro Joaquín Roncal, Zaragoza. Project curated by Óscar García García, co-founder of PAC and director of JUSTMAD and JUSTLX
2023 Art Paradiso Hotel
2022 Solo exhibition NFT virtual. Missoni Art Festival, Barcelona

2016 Exhibition in Tokyo for NYLON JAPAN magazine.

Top Projects
2023 Sculpture inspired by the work of Goya for the Zaragoza City Hall
2022 Mural for Madrid Fashion Week
2021 Illustrated creative campaign for Bimba y Lola
2021 Creative campaign for Tous Christmas, illustrated
2021 Creative campaign for Yorokobu
2021 Creative campaign for the art book publisher Artika, Maria Escote and Frida Kahlo
2020 Creative campaign design for Net-A-Porter
2019 Commissioned canvas for Gucci
2023 Cover for Vogue Spain
2020 Named by Vogue Spain in its editorial Promesas de Luz as one of the country’s most promising visual artists.
2019 Amy Winehouse’s illustrated biography, Lunwerg Editores
2018 Las Rebeldes, Editorial La Caja Books
2017 Paso de ser una princesa, Editorial Planeta

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