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Maria Peña Ojos Que No Ven

Ojos que no ven

By María Peña

“Do you know how the cries for help resound in the middle of the sea when you can’t see the person? Do you know what a body floating face down is like, for which nothing can be done? Do you know how fast the sea swallows a body, when ten seconds before it was looking at you asking for help? Do you know what cold and loneliness are like? You don’t know. I hope that your image of the sea will always be that of summer, the sun and the beach bar, because if one day you find yourself in this other situation, pray that the government offices will give the order to come and get you”. (excerpt from Chema Monreal, boat skipper and rescue technician)

2019 – Acrylic on linen canvas

165 x 180 cm

See the artwork in the video and enjoy the details


María Peña


María Peña Coto, known as Mapecoo, is a Spanish artist (Oviedo, 1989) graduated in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, with periods in Sao Paulo and London. Her artworks now have a strong social content and multicultural influences. They are also fuelled by personal experiences. María has exhibited, led art projects and held art residencies in New York, Lisbon, Bandung (Indonesia), Beijing, London, Port Prince (Haiti), Madrid, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) and Paris, among others.

Solo exhibitions

2022 Hybrid Identities. Génie de la Bastille Gallery, Paris.
2019 Oke, the mantra of Haiti. Guillermina Caicoya Gallery, Oviedo.
2019 Urban Nature. Casa do Brasil, Madrid.
2017 Personæ. Borrón Gallery, Oviedo, Asturias.
2017 Hotel Gabrielle, Lorient, France (Interceltique Festival).
2017 Solo exhibition at La Stanza, Gijón.
2016 Clandestinas. Cultural Centre of Avilés, Asturias.
2016 Down to Earth. ZARATÁN Art Centre. Lisbon.
2013 Limit lines. Mezcall House Gallery. New York.

Group exhibitions

2021 59 Rivoli Gallerie, 59 Bis, Paris, France.
2020 Abartium Galeria, Contemporary Group Exhibition, Barcelona.
2018 JUSTLX Lisbon Gallery Guillermina Caicoya. Portugal.
2017 Miami New Festival 2017 Art Media Gallery, Miami.
2017 Gallery Koala, Art is not that serious. Tiajin, China.

Awards and residencies

2023 Awarded the Asturies Cultura en Rede artistic creation grant to develop the project “El mismo mar”. Represented by the gallery Guillermina Caicoya, the project will rotate during 2024 in different galleries in Asturias.
2022 Selected for the Prix d’Art Urbain Pébéo-Fluctuart, Paris.
2021 Artist selected for the European Union project Street Heart. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
2021 Open Studio and residency at Rivoli 59, an emerging art centre in Paris (1 year).
2020 Artistic residency M! [lieu] in Sault, France (20 days).

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