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Mireia Ruiz Vertical Pieces

Vertical Pieces

By Mireia Ruiz

“Vertical Pieces” were born from the recycling of foraged pieces in order to create abstract pieces. Their message: positivity and energy derived from the chromatic combination. Mireia Ruiz aims to give a second life to these would-have-been abandoned elements.

2019 – Plywood finished with matt lacquer

Size: nº154: 52x68x1 cm | nº 156: 39x65x1 cm

See the artwork in the video and enjoy the details


Mireia Ruiz


Mireia Ruiz, 1983 (Barcelona, 1983) studied graphic design at the BAU Barcelona design school (2001-2005). After several years in different studios she joined Cocolia Studio (2009- 2019), where she was in charge of the artistic direction developing creative projects of scenography and photography. For her, the use of colour is her main communicative tool. She has also been a member of the jury for the AdgFad Laus Awards for students, and also in the 080 Fashion Week Barcelona.

Solo exhibitions

2021 “Metáforas”, Manuia; Barcelona; Spain.
2021 “My things” Me Sitges, Sitges, Barcelona, Spain.
2017 “Mireia Ruiz” ImaginCafé La Caixa, Barcelona, Spain.

Group exhibitions

2022 “10 edition”, El diluvio universal, Barcelona, Spain. 2020. “Tot comença per un punt”, Galeria Stendhal, Barcelona, Spain.
2019 “International Poster Exhibition”, Artdiez, Madrid, Spain 2019. “Infinita Mujer”, Artig Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 2019. “Artig Gallery Artists”, JustMad, Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid, Spain.
2017 “36days Expo”, Vasava Studio, Barcelona, Spain 2017. “Barceloan Artist” StudioStore, Barcelona, Spain
2016 “12+1 Contorno Urbano” Tecla Sala Art Centre, L’Hospitalet, Barcelona, Spain.
2015 “SurfCity” Mutuo Art Centre, , Barcelona, Spain.

Clients and Collaborations

Bimba & Lola, Reebok, Tous, Absolut, Seat, Swatch, Gorman Clothing, Etnia Barcelona, Coordonné, 080 Fashion Week Barcelona, laagam, Lau clothing, Klimbim Barcelona, All those, Cervezas Alhambra, Correos España, Torres Brandy, Notabag.


2013 Laus Gold Award for design, art direction, ADGFAD.
2012 Laus Silver Design Award, Art Direction, ADGFAD.

Private collections

VIKO, Digital Marketing Company, Barcelona. BATLLE GROUP, Branding Agency, Barcelona. CHAKA KHAN, Exotique Restaurant, Barcelona. GROSS Collection, Hamburg, Germany. VILA CARBONELL Collection, Sitges, Barcelona. BASTIDA Collection, Barcelona. EVALEFLEUR Collection, Barcelona. ETZINE Collection, London, United Kingdom. WIKKE Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Publications and reviews

2020 Perrine Bonafos: “Le pouvoir de la couleur” / LES CONFETTIS, France
2019 Marta Rodríguez Bosch: “El mejor diseño próximo e internacional” / EL MAGAZINE LA VANGUARDIA / Barcelona, Spain / 03.11.2019 – Victor Cheung: “Material Matters” / VICTION:ARY / Nº 4
2018 Lauren Wager: “Perfect Palette” / PROMOPRESS
2017 Estel Vilaseca: “Entourage”/ VEIN MAGAZINE / Nº 2 “This is Maasai”/ SMODA EL PAÍS MAGAZINE / Nº 223 / March
2015 Polly Glass: “Wrap Loves” / Wrap Magazine / Nº 11 / United Kingdom Timothy Goodman: Sharpie Art Workshop / USA

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