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a diversity gallery.

The vision of the gallery is to promote diversity in emerging art that is distinctive due to its social, cultural, gender or identity components, as well as with extraordinary techniques and artistic expression, so as to raise awareness, and engage and inspire all those who love, enjoy or create art.


emerging art in Africa

9-2 TO 30-4 | REKU ART Gallery

Phumulani Ntuli (Soweto, South Africa, 1986), Nii Anyetei Ras (Acra, Ghana, 1989), Yola Balanga (Luanda, Angola, 1994) and Adeniyi Damilola (Lagos, Nigeria, 1989) are the names of the four guest artists who will exhibit from February 9 to May 12 at Reku Art, section integrated into ARVIVID



Adeniyi Damilola

Adeniyi describes his works as “Afro-surreal”, paintings through which he explores the different personalities that all human beings have which make us unique as people. In turn, he praises his people for having fun with traditional Yoruba games, such as seen in Tinko Tinko, as well as interacting or simply being children without the technological pressures of the modern day.


Phumulani Ntuli

Phumulani Ntuli’s works are figurative representations where the reality and the imagination are mixed and blurred. The theme of this series is around duality – inner vs outer world, the surfice vs. what lies beneath, and the brain vs. the body. Through mixed media and collage, Ntuli places us in front of characters full of color, but at the same time mysterious, which requires our imagination to complement what we see. The fantasy in the surroundings, the mix between reality and fiction is one of the characteristics in Ntuli’s work, and it could be seen in the South African Pavilion at the last Venice Biennale.


Nii Anyetei Ras

In the words of the artist, “This series and its merits benefit not only collectors, but also my community of origin and the world as a whole through waste management” 85% of the materials used are from plastic waste. Nii states that his vision in creating these pieces is to do his best to change the world in his stream of life; art.

Até ao Fim


Yola Balanga

This series mentions the daily struggles that women face during motherhood. The machete, present in her hands in all the photos, symbolizes the colonial revolution in her country. They say that the colonizers were defeated with machetes. The titles of her work are inspired by the iconic phrases of political speeches. Yola Balanga wants to approach loneliness in maternity as an individual state of war; being with a machete while breastfeeding her daughter or her presence in collective places like the kitchen, beside the dining room table, trying to convey to the observer the constant state of a mother/woman.

Até ao Fim


Semíramis González

Semíramis González (Gijon, 1988) is an independent curator with a degree in Art History from the University of Oviedo and a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture from the Complutense University in collaboration with the Reina Sofia Museum.

She is currently the curator of “Vision y Presencia”, a cycle of performances by women artists at the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, as well as the artistic director of the Cultural Agenda of the Women’s Institute.
Between 2018-2022 she was the director of the JUSTMAD (Madrid) and JUSTLX (Lisbon) fairs.

With plenty of curational experience, her past projects include “Futuro Presente” at the Amadís Room (Madrid); the collective “Against the skin” (on the visibility of the violence suffered based on gender, sexual orientation, and race) in the Area 60 space of the TEA (Tenerife); “Wrong is not my name. Art against sexist violence” at LABoral Centro de Arte (Gijón), a group show with international artists on the violence that women suffer; “A shout out” by the artist Julia Galán at the MUVIM (Valencia); or “El árbol de la rabia” at the EACC in Castellón on feminism with Spanish and international artists.

She has been the academic secretary of the “VII Meeting of collecting, contemporary art and society” (2019) held at the UIMP in Santander, under the direction of Isabel Durán (President of the Institute of Contemporary Art – IAC) and Jaime Sordo ( President of the Association of Private Collectors of Contemporary Art, 9915).
González is currently a teacher for the Master’s Degree in Contemporary Photography and Personal Projects at the EFTI school, the PHotoESPAÑA Master’s Degree in Photographic Projects, as well as the Master’s Degree in Art Business at CEU San Pablo University.

She has written for various media, including El Plural, Huffington Post, and La Nueva España.


2019 Jury member for the National Photography Award, awarded that year to the artist Montserrat Soto.

2021 Fetico Aequalitas Award for effective equality between women and men.

Museums & Institutions

She has worked with museums and institutions such as Es Baluard Museu (Palma de Mallorca), PHotoEspaña Festival, SCAN Tarragona (International Photography Festival), the Atlantic Center of Modern Art – CAAM of Gran Canaria, FIEBRE Photobook, the IAACC Pablo Serrano (Zaragoza ), or the Alcobendas Art Center, among many others.

25.05 – 21.07.2023 


Women. Artists. Make Some Noise.

This exhibition is here to explore the many façades and awareness of modern-day women, as well as female artists. Featuring four talented emerging artists from Spain, this show embraces and celebrates diverse themes and techniques – from social, emotional to pop/fashion, from abstraction, figuration to sculpture and mix media. 

María Peña | Mireia Ruiz | María Bueno Marta González-Adalid


María Peña

Mireia Ruiz
Marta González-Adalid


María Peña

The humanistic light that shines through Peña’s work is unmistakable. Her art is deeply compassionate and socially critical, capturing her unique perspective on the world with profound introspection. Influenced by her international experience and passion for development work, Peña has crafted a distinct approach to art. In addition to her multidisciplinary artistry, she has garnered recognition for her impactful Street Art, a realm where female artists are underrepresented.

Unseeing Eyes

Under Control

I Can


Pezones Revueltos

María Bueno

Maria Bueno, known by her pseudonym “Pezones Revueltos,” is a captivating blend of artist, activist, fashionista, and empathetic soul. Her artwork, characterized by a vibrant burst of colors and expressive statements, transcends boundaries. Through her fashion-themed Pop Art, Maria’s message strikes a chord with generations raised in a materialistic and consumer-driven society, individuals who yearn for profound emotional connections, be it with themselves or with others.


What are they looking at

Fashion School

Weird Bug


Mireia Ruiz


Abstract Duality


Wooden woman
Vertical pieces


 Marta González-Adalid

Marta’s canvas becomes an organic entity, brimming with vibrant life. It transforms into the most authentic manifestation of intuition and emotion, exuding a warmth that is palpable. Within this chromatic soul, movement and energy overflow, blurring the boundaries between abstraction and figuration. Are these hints of unformed forms, or remnants of deconstructed ones, teasing our perception?



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