Architecture – Berlin Museum of German History


Architecture – Berlin Museum of German History


The golden ratio is visible in man-made structures, and just as beautiful as when witnessed in nature. The staircase curves with the grace of a snail’s shell, slowly making its way toward the heavens. A fitting structure for a historical museum showcasing the slow, cyclical,  and varied path that makes the way forward. A nuanced color scheme accentuates the variance in patterns from the mottled glass to the reflective and shiny surfaces swirling together in harmony. The beauty of architectural elegance at its finest. 

An original piece to complement minimalist interiors, this design adds intrigue and dramatic presence- a nuanced style to simple spaces. Perfect for an office space! Decorating with all art can add a new perspective and welcome a sense of comfort to the bustling work environment.


Limited Edition: Print of 10 editions / Avalaible 10 editions

  • Size of the work: 62x42cm/ 24,4×16,5″
  • Giclée Fine Art Printing
  • Medium options: Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper. | Unmounted fine art

All Limited Edition artworks have a certificate of authenticity

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Giampaolo Antoni | Italy

Giampaolo was born and currently lives in the wonderful land of Tuscany, in the central part of Italy. He has been passionate about photography since he was 20 years old.

When he started making photos, it was in the time of analogue photography, film and medium format cameras;  He grew up working and printing in the darkroom and he has remained very close to the black- and- white mode, always being his favorite means of expression.

Landscapes, architecture, portraits and street photography represent what he loves the most, but he also dedicates himself professionally to other genres.