Characteristic of Hernandez’ work, another still encapsulates the beauty and complexity of nature. These slim stems of cactuses blend together extending towards the sky almost personified in the confident posture. The vertical structure of each cactus is punctuated by the thin lines of spikes which from afar seem more elegant than menacing.

Dividing the composition is the cloudless sky, a pale comparison to the deeper greens and yellow tinges of nature. One can’t help but feel the sun’s glare as the clear sky leaves little protection, the cacti soaking in the rays but raising up to almost appealing the heavens for some rain. As a contrast, the dark strokes interweave with playful energy dappling the backdrop as the fleeting relief of shadows.

This photo art can be a relaxing but complex piece in any space. While offering apparent simplicity from afar, its subjects can be surprising with a closer look. As wall art, this particular piece encourages viewers to still time and appreciate moments that may go unnoticed.

By being present in your surroundings the nuanced and stunning detail of seemingly harsh situations can be revealed. It serves as a reminder to see the silver lining and the underappreciated stretch of nature’s beauty.

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Gema Hernández | Tenerife

Gema Hernández (1996) is an artist who lives and works in Tenerife (Spain). She studied photography at the EASD Fernando Estévez (Tenerife).

In her photographs she shows the beauty and delicacy of the female body mimicked with nature. Her works have been exhibited in spaces such as the TEA (Tenerife Space for the Arts), in addition to winning mentions in photography media such as “Looks Like Film”, with her photo “Octopus”.