Chicago I


Chicago I


An abstract artwork inspired by memories of travel and adventure. The vibrancy of memories fades leaving the lingering details to layer and build a facade of precious moments in times gone by. With its medley of textures and colors, this unique piece can balance the sleek design of mid-century or modern interiors. Placed with intentionality, it can be a great piece to interact with the natural light and create a laid-back yet stylish space in the living room or office.

Original Artwork, oil on canvas.

  • Size: 100cm width x 70cm height
  • Shipping origin: Argentina



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Lydia Angela Redelico | Argentina

I express all my feelings through colors.
Situations and sensations that come from inside, that have life, energy and sentiments. It is the transmission of happiness, sadness, joyfulness, anxiousness, hope, harmony and tranquility.
These are moments, instants, still-lifes, It’s uncontrollable, spontaneous, instinctive. Those are dreams, images, poems, memories; reflections, sounds and spaces. It’s leaving my feelings on a free leash, it’s the heart that frees itself, and it gives space to my soul. It’s the adventure of mixing a color with one another. I am an architect ,a plastic artist, and a teacher of art and drawing at schools of fine arts.
Since I was a child I drew and played with colors, and now I keep playing and experimenting.