Classicus II: The Wish


Classicus II: The Wish


Thoughts and daydreams drift their way across this sensuous painting catching its subject in a tender moment of contemplation. The intriguing title gives a new meaning to this composition, classical techniques telling an imaginative story in rippling textures and rich colors. A celebration of technical skill fitting for classical, mid-century, or french country interiors that heightens the sense of sophistication with refined elegance. Perfect for the dining room or other functional spaces, this piece creates a casual atmosphere with subtle intrigue.

Original artwork in unmounted oil on canvas

  • Size of the work76×61 cm / 30×24″
  • Shipping origin: USA



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Darwin Leon | Cuba

Darwin Leon is a Cuban artist residing in Miami, graduated from AI Miami International University of Art & Design. His work is rooted in revising classical methods to create contemporary forms of expression. His training has included both aspects of the Renaissance like chiatoscuro technique, with his own surreal style of expression influenced by irony and cubism. His art mirrors the situations and social issues of the context while pointing towards the foundations of humanity that continue to govern and motivate. Perhaps this motivation is tied to Leon’s personal experience as an immigrant in Spain and citizen in the USA. His original paintings are expressive and surreal, exploring the human form with humor and detail.  The human form, nature, distortion, and surreal scenes haunt the beautiful oeuvre of Leon’s work. Leon now resides in Florida teaching drawing and painting alongside his own practice.