Colourimetry II (B)


2 in stock

Colourimetry II (B)


2 in stock

The delicate shades of this stunning piece recall the freshness of spring as it creeps like the dawn; diffusing light and energy into the space. Colorimetry II is a compilation of images capturing the resulting automatic gradation from industrial and overexploitation processes. The series explores color as a phenomenon sometimes the surprising results of the meeting of nature with humans; in this case, light interacting with the atmospheric particles of air pollution. 


Decor tips

This relaxing piece is an aesthetically perfect match for the edited clean atmosphere of contemporary and nordic interiors. Details of other furnishings can complement the colors drawing them into focus. A perfect invigorating piece for the welcoming environment of a living room, or a relaxed atmosphere of a library or study. Printed large with a simple frame, the tranquil energy creates an air of ease and elegance.

Limited Edition of 3 prints | Available 2 Prints represented by Arvivid.
  • Size of the work:  65×45 cm / 25.5×17.7″
  • Giclée Fine Art Printing
  • Medium: Hahnhemühle Matt Fibre 290g | Exhibition quality

All Limited Edition artworks have a certificate of authenticity



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Lucas Gallego and Carolina Borrero | Colombia

The Lucas Gallego and Carolina Borrero collaboration arose from overlapping interests in territorial and sociocultural issues guided by the transformation of natural elements that are treated as silent witnesses of our transit through the territory. From this shared foundation Gallego and Borrero have developed their individual and collective careers, transforming through their collaboration and broadening their creative spectrum from the exchange between their respective disciplines: Lucas as an architect and carpenter, and Carolina as a researcher and deconstructor of plants.

Carolina Borrero Distinctions:

2022 Winner IV Youth Art Salon FUGA
Preselection Phase
2021 Finalist Colsanitas Youth Art Award
Winner Facade Intervention
La Cometa Gallery
2020 Winner Artistic Residencies
In Block: District Call and Artbo – Idartes

Winner Blank Call.
El Dorado Space Gallery

Lucas Gallego Distinctions:

2022 XV National Salon of Young Art at the Santa Fe Gallery
2021 National Program of Incentives, Ministry of Culture. Artworks and Nature.
2021 Facade Intervention, La Cometa Gallery.
2020 Artecámara. ARTBO Fair.
2019 Scholarship from the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá.
2019 Primavera Cajicá Salon Prize.