Conversations with Mount Fuji 7


Conversations with Mount Fuji 7


The tip of mount Fuji rises above the misty landscape, a silent silhouette of beauty and elegance. The gradual gradients of light through the clouds and landscape creates a stunning ethereal picture of tranquility. An original piece to complement nordic or minimalist interiors, this design adds intrigue and dramatic presence- a nuanced style to simple spaces.  Bring interest and beauty by adding wall art to the waiting or rest area, a contemplative and beautiful accent.

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Anatoliy Anshin | Russia

Anatoliy Anshin is fine art photographer whose work is centered around visualizing and reconnecting with the spirituality of ancient cultures. Originally born in Russia, his fascination with traditional Japanese culture grew from studying it in his homeland before moving to Japan where they now have resided for over 20 years. Their knowledge continues to grow now with a PHD in pre-modern Japanese history and being a teacher of swordsmanship: Kendo. Photography reflects Japans beautiful natural and historical sites but searches for a deeper connection to the spiritual tradition.The spirit of this meaningful culture and heritage lives on these images that invite viewers to keep hearts and minds open to connecting with these traditions in our daily lives.

His photos have appeared in publications and magazines such as in Art Reveal Magazine and Bruxelles Art Vue.

Some of his exhibitions are:

  • Feb. 7-13, 2020 – Solo exhibition “Insight” at the Fuji Photo Gallery Ginza in Tokyo, Japan.
  • From Nov. 29, 2020 – Permanent solo exhibition at AMAKADO Art Gallery in Moscow, Russia.
  • Jun. 28 – Jul. 3, 2022 – Solo exhibition “Beyond the Sight” at Kyoto Museum of Photography in Kyoto, Japan.
  • Sep. 1-19, 2021 – Group exhibition “Circle 2021” at the CICA Museum in Kimpo, South Korea.