A truly unique and original wall art piece. This cosmic digital work joins the classic aesthetics of fine art with the playfulness of pop art and digital collage. Classic and modern meet in an explosive scene of color and imaginary, each element detailed and focused creating a dynamic spread.

Agustina Occhiuzzo creates an ethereal space combining textures and images recognizable to all, and yet in the same picture produce an extravagant yet elusive effect. The hard statue viewed at an upward angle with its classic profile idealizes the image of beauty. The strong jawline and intense expression with soft shadows illuminating the stony surface speak to the greatness and labour of the artist from a different time, a celebration of old art forms. The strength of the statue is enhanced by the immensity of outer space. The magnitude of space opens with celestial grandeur in its glares and glints of the stars nearby. Yet the epic proportions are offset by the delicacy of the natural elements that frame the space drawing attention to a central composition. The vibrancy of the foliage creates a surreal landscape both fun and imaginative.

Reminiscent of pop art trends and musical album covers, this piece exudes energy perfect for contemporary spaces. Whether in a bedroom or retro cafe, as wall art this piece can brighten up a room and draw attention .

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Agustina Ozz | Buenos Aires

Agustina, born in Buenos Aires, is an architect with a passion for visual arts and artistic drawing. She believes that art can reach and touch people in different places, and resonate with them. “I believe in art as a visual communication tool that can touch our feelings just by seeing someone else’s creation”.

Currently she focuses on creating collages as it allows her to compose new Surrealist worlds by mixing eras and applying different artistic techniques.