This photo portrays flowers in their soft and beautiful state while beckoning toward the intricate and fascinating patterns hidden in nature.

As a close and crowded shot, the viewer may at first see the frame as a textural motif, but a closer look reveals the individual composure of each flower in its intricacy.

Whether individual or en masse, each of these exquisite blossoms emanates a sense of beauty and calm.  Their stark color could represent purity and refreshing cleanliness but without the sterility of being washed out or without personality. White and rosy pink lighting illuminate the flowers’ details with a soft and comforting atmosphere, the overall effect being balanced and inviting. In all its detail but surprising conceptual simplicity as entitled by the name, this composition can serve as a tender reminder that beauty in the grand scheme is possible from the beauty in the detail.

As framed photography, this piece can set the tone for a neutral or relaxing space inviting a sense of calm into the home or other appropriate spaces in need of balance. On its own, the solitary wall art could be a gentle grounding decoration.

Paired with similar pieces it can offer an escape of the bustle of life or simply accent a contrasting colour or energy.

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Gema Hernández | Tenerife

Gema Hernández (Spain, 1996) is an artist who lives and works in Tenerife. She studied photography at the EASD Fernando Estévez (Tenerife). In her photographs she shows the beauty and delicacy of the female body mimicked with nature. Her works have been exhibited in spaces such as the TEA (Tenerife Space for the Arts), in addition to winning mentions in photography media such as “Looks Like Film”, with her photo “Octopus”.