Gang bugs 2.0


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Gang bugs 2.0


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A fusion of urban art and 80s-90s cartoons, Marcevil’s sculpture features Bugs as the focal point. Graffiti elements blend with the neo-pop style, using acrylic, aerosol, and hydrochrome on glossy fiberglass.

Decor tips

Choose a neutral wall color, allowing the vibrant sculpture to pop and stand out.

Original artwork, Acrylic, aerosol and hydrochrome on fiberglass sculpture varnished glossy
  • Size of the work: 35 cm x 15cm x 15cm / 13.78 x 5.91 x 5.91″
  • Shipping origin: Colombia



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Erika Marcela Villarreal Castro | Colombia

Erika Marcela Villareal Castro is an architect and urban artist who has been practicing Graffiti/Muralism since 2008. Castro’s work is inspired by the aesthetics of basic geometric shapes and bright colors, as well as the conceptually tied to the recovery of public spaces – most of which use autonomous resources and collaboration of those in the sector to intervene. Her work is characterized by its diversity without a single style but still complementary. She has taken part in many events, workshops, publications, festivals, and exhibitions both inside and outside of Colombia with private organizations and galleries.


Callegrafia Vol.1. Bogotá, Colombia.
Latin American Street Art “Special Latin Americans”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Callegrafia Vol.2 “Guarichas”, Bogotá, Colombia.

The Mickey Inspired Exhibition, Beat Bop Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia.
Permanent Exhibition at The Office Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia.
Permanent Exhibition at Galería Espacio En Blanco, Bogotá, Colombia.

The Street Doesn’t Stay Quiet,
The Office Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia.

Street Art, Galería Controversia, Bogotá, Colombia.