A goddess connecting to the entire planet, her face barely visible in the swirl of colors and textures. The artist’s materials are embraced with playfulness and exploration, blending and mixing to create a colorful vortex of emotion and energy. This original piece fits boho and eclectic design schemes to create a unique and laid-back atmosphere- perfect to exhibit a variety of interesting pieces. A unique decorative addition to the quirky spirit of art spaces of cafes, sure to brighten the atmosphere and inspire conversation.


Original artwork in canvas on stretcher frame
  • Size of the work: 46×38 cm / 18×15″
  • Technique: Mixed media
  • Shipping origin: Spain
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Olga Cairols | Spain

Olga applies different techniques applied on canvas and paper, from collage of photographs and printed papers, to spatula applications with acrylics, oils, markers, aerosols and pastels, all in the same work. With influences from pop, impressionism, expressionism and symbolism, she is inspired by nature, women, and all beings that are part of the planet.

Olga studied Art History and Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, specializing in painting. Her works are exhibited in different parts of the world, in recent years in: “Carré d’artistes”: United States and Turkey, and in “Kunstsupermark Solothurn” in Switzerland.

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