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A herd of wild elephants is moving away, continuing towards the horizon of the African savannah of the Serengeti National Park. In the background, the uncertain future awaits them with the dense stormy clouds waiting on the horizon. As viewers it is as if we see them off and it is our responsibility to make their journey more comfortable.

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Jonathan Tajes | Valladolid

Jonathan Tajes was born in 1976 in Valladolid and currently works in the local graphic press sector. Graduated in Journalism and self-taught in Photography, Tajes has always liked to peck at the different dishes that this great “kitchen” offers him. Through his travels, connections, and line of work he has ventured with greater or lesser success, in some of the fields covered by the image. But even amidst his success and growing experience, Jonathan recognizes the long was to go and hopes to share his wonderful experience along the way.

Honorable Mention at the Monovisions Black&White Photography Awards 2019. Outstanding mention in the Monovisions Black&White Photography Awards 2019. Second place in the Rural World Photography Contest FotoRural 2017.