I was legend


I was legend


This simple moment of beauty creates a tranquil sense of calm. Fitting to its title, sun exposure has turned this leaf into a worn and weathered vessel on the wind. Its journey has flecked its leathery skin with paint. It sits with a simple wise and elegant presence, a stroke of beauty against a deep void. Nature photography draws attention to the smaller moments and perspectives that can reveal the world around us in new ways.

A simple and charming way for  interior designs looking for a touch of nature.

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Jorge Omenaca | Madrid

Jorge Omeñaca is originally from Zaragoza, but currently lives in Madrid. He has a preference for photographing elements of nature, which he edits with a markedly “pictorial” look, creating images that often straddle the line between photography and painting. A style very conducive to decorative environments.

Apart from photography for interior decoration, Jorge also works on documentary and narrative photography projects.

He has lived in different parts of the world such as Rome, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. He is a photographer and has an academic background in drawing and painting. This relationship between both disciplines is clearly reflected in the style of his photography, where the use of colour and close framing take special relevance.