Letragrafika 21


Letragrafika 21


Delicate shapes and symbols cascade across this simple and intriguing composition. The minimal elements are reminiscent of the technological language of Morse code; existing in a world between typography and design. Ben Sheppee explores themes of literacy and the deconstruction and distortion of written language. When removed from their context, words may transform as the meaning is lost in the world of translation and misinterpretation.

Decor tips:A simple and effective decoration to match the reserved and edited intentionality of minimal interiors. Straight edges and simple palettes will provide a crisp modern flair while offsetting with bright colors and natural textures can create a softer atmosphere balancing worlds of comfort and mystery. Perfect for an office space or study to add a quirky playfulness to a world of reason and efficiency.

Limited Edition of 25 prints | Available 5 Prints
  • Size of the work: 100cm x 30cm
  • Medium: Hahnemuhle 290gsm

All Limited Edition artworks have a certificate of authenticity



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Ben Sheppee | U.K.

Ben Sheppee (b.1978, UK) Is a British Visual Artist, who is best known for his efforts in abstract typographic design. Born in Bristol, Sheppee spent a large part of his life in San Francisco, Japan and Paris, before setting up his London based studio which focuses on the connections between fine art, design, philosophy, and technology. Exploring themes such as in-articulation, translation and misinterpretation, Sheppee interrupts digital processes, encourages glitches, and explores the aesthetics that live there.