Macro Rain Drop


Macro Rain Drop


FUNDRAISING ART! 100% of the profits from the sale of this artwork before Nov 30, 2022 will to go support WWF Spain, who will issue a certificate for your purchase.

  • Papel Hahnemule Lustre Printing


“Raindrop” -An original macro shot captures a drop of rain on an autumn fallen leaf. Taken with an analogue photo camera on physical film. The delicate moment is captured in perfect clarity. Textures of the water and the beautiful fine red filaments of the leaf stand out with elegance and tenderness. The macro perspective magnifies the universe that lies even within the smallest of moments and organisms. 

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Damjan Voglar | Slovenia

Though interested in many visual arts, photography is the one that seemed to crawl and stay under his skin. His interest led him to study photography which enriched his practice and grew his passion and skill. Since this turning point, he devotes most of his time to photography. Photography as a way of life accompanies every step and event as life continues. A new perception was discovered,  reveald by the wonderful world of photography. His journey continues with inexhaustible curiosity and exploration of photography as an expressive medium to realize inner tension.   

His greatest motivation is his own constitutional process of continuous refinement and research, which is enabled by photography as a powerful visual medium. Voglar continues to experiment with various techniques, determined to explore new genres. He is especially close to travel, portrait, reportage, studio, and macro and landscape photography. Regardless of the diverse genre, intimate associations intertwine in his photographs, which unwittingly attract the observer. Despite subjective interpretations, Voglar uses photography for diverse expressions, unbothered by ideological positions of consistency. He created the largest part of his portrait photographs on trips to Morocco and to the northwest of the Africa, visually documenting the indigenous people he met along the way.

So far, he exhibited his photography at many international exhibitions, both at home and abroad, and received many awards.

Prizes: International Color Awards Nominee, Black and White Spider Awards Nominee, Monochrom Awards (Honorable Mention).