Matador’s Cape II: the End


Matador’s Cape II: the End


The red cape (“muleta” in Spanish) is used in the final act for passes before the kill, represented by the intense red cape emerged in the darkness, hinting blood and death.

The contrasting symbolism of Matador’s Cape I and II makes them a perfect collection together, telling the vivid story of the bullfight, like the one in Hemingway’s “the Sun also Rises”.

Striking wall art that gives interior design & home decoration schemes the uniqueness of culture, tradition & passion.

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Nacho Santos Gugel | Madrid

“Since I began painting in my childhood, I have concluded from experience that figurative painting is fundamentally incapable of generating expression, for this reason I develop a deliberately artificial figuration. When crossing to the abstraction my work looks for the disturbing thing, the alive thing and fresh, because it forces us to face our beliefs in the stable meanings and the comfort of the rules “.

Studied in Art and Design in London, Paris, Florance and Madrid. Nacho based his early works on the style of Picasso and the German Expressionists, but transformed from an Art Brut to the most recent Abstract Expressionism.

His works are collected by Banco Santander, ONO, Siemens, CITO Foundation, F. Núñez del Cubillo, musician Joaquín Sabina, Carla Pereyra and Diego Simeone, among others.