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This unique painting is an abstract interpretation of an environmental issue The combination of techniques and lakers of colors create a textured look that appeals to the sense, almost a beautiful fabric but concealing a relevant and poignant message. Sophistication and whimsy are in perfect balance making this a stylish piece to complete the geometric and clean feel of contemporary spaces. Perfect for the dining room or other functional spaces, this piece adds casual atmosphere with subtle intrigue.

Limited Edition of 3 prints | Avalaible 3 Prints
  • Size of the work: 84×90 cm / 33×35.4″
  • Giclée Fine Art Printing
  • Medium: Fine Art Watercolour Paper 200grs. | Unmounted fine art

All Limited Edition artworks have a certificate of authenticity



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Javier Noain | Madrid

Javier Noain was born in Madrid, 1951, the son of a bull fighter and a music graduate. His journey into artistic expression began with his architecture studies in at the ETS Madrid and developed during his time at the Arturo Pardos Academy. This passion led him to share a studio with spouse Miren Aguirre and Jose Luis Alexanco which attracted numerous artists of many disciplines. His professional career was then started exhibiting in galleries throughout Spain with much success.  After a private hiatus from his work from 2005-2017, Noain has reappeared with enthusiasm and exciting new work. He is set for two exhibition in the year to come in Madrid and Quijote.


He has participated in individual exhibitions, some of them are:

1991 Taller de Arte “G”, Madrid
1994 “Max Estrella” Gallery, Madrid
1997 Gallery “E.G.3.”, Arco 97, Madrid
1999 “Colegio de arquitectos de Aragón”, Zaragoza, Spain
2004 “Los Lavaderos” Gallery, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


He has also participated in group exhibitions, some of them:

1996 “Estampa96”, Madrid
1998 “Cruce” Gallery, Madrid
2000 “Circulo de Bellas Artes
2003 “Heinrich Ehrhardt” Gallery, Madrid.
2020 Gallery “Álvaro Alcázar, Mi Casa, Madrid.
2021 CNAL City Council of Valdés, Principality of Asturias.