Nerve II


Nerve II


  • Unique Artwork donated by the artist


The sway of the sea, the movement of the waves, the intriguingly intricate patterns in flowers, trees and underwater life permeates throughout her photographic artwork, reflecting her own perception of Nature, far beyond reality.

It all comes together in her very own modern vision of volume and colour, eminently pictorial and remarkable artistic quality. Her photographic work looks as if built up in a series of successive oil painting glazes. Composition is her forte, producing paintings and photographs that stimulate the senses and stir emotions.

Limited edition: Print 2 of 5 editions
– Epson Digigraphie.
– Medium options: Hahnemüle William Turner paper of 190 grs.

All Limited Edition artworks have a certificate of authenticity

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Marta Caldas | Spain

Marta Caldas is a painter and photographer born by the sea in the lush northern coast of Spain, and later moved to the subtropical Canary Islands. Influenced by the contrasts of sunlight, the multiple colors of the sea and the wildlife of these places, she explores the magic of nature in her works.