Night Forest


Night Forest


A haunting forest at night, the shapes of trees left bare in the moonlight to make out their mixed media detail. This piece incorporates elements of books glued and packed to form the sturdy tree trunks and in the background as part of the night. With its medley of textures and colors, this piece can complement minimalist or rustic interiors to create a unique and natural atmosphere. With sophisticated flair, this wall art can frame a cozy library or study space in its calming energy and movement.
Original artwork in stretched canvas
  • Size of the work: 130×88 cm / 51×34.6″
  • Shipping origin: Spain



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Beatriz Carcamo | Spain

Beatriz Carcamo is an artist of many mediums. Her journey started in Madrid, the city where she was born and also where she studied ceramics, painting, and sculpture at the Francisco Acantara Art School. At 25 she moved to Barcelona to study glass and simultaneously worked in illustration. Her exploration continued in Mallorca where she was the artistic director of the Cavalcade of the Kings and was exhibited with the Bennasar gallery. Later,  the world of decoration, design, and lighting presented itself as she began to collaborate with architects and decorators. She even designed a prototype luminate for a restaurant in Palma! Carcamo continues to create and express with a medley of materials through commissions and individual work. 


Her exhibitions

  • Collective exhibition of ceramics. Casarrubuelos Gallery, Madrid 1987.
  • Collective exhibition of ceramics Caja de ahorros de Badajoz, Mérida 1989.
  • Individual exhibition of painting, Sala segundo acto. Barcelona 1993.
  • Individual painting and sculpture. Bennassar Gallery, Pollença, Mallorca 1995.
  • Painting and assemblies. Broekman Gallery, Düsseldorf.1998.
  • Sculpture. Baerengasse Museum, Switzerland (IN VIA Group) 2000.
  • Exhibition of Models and Legends “Thematic Carriages”, from the Cavalcade. Palma City Council 2001-2009.Town Hall.
  • Projects for interior decoration, homes, Palma 2007-2008.
  • Children’s illustrations, character and scenery design for editorial project “kindermärchen” 2015.
  • Creation of artistic murals under the direction of the decorator Axel Vervort, for the interiors of La possesio de la familia Marc. . Orient 2020.