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Wu Yung Sen’s characteristic macro shot in this original photo reveals the beauty and stunning detail of the wunderpus larva from up close. We see its ghostly transparent body through the lens, a perfect biological camouflage as it dwells in the shallow waters.

The off-center compositional focus of this original photograph suspends the wunderpus perhaps lurking nearby for its meal,  an unsuspecting hunter of the night.

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Wu Yung Sen | Taiwan

Wu Yung Sen is a 42 year old photographer from Taiwan currently residing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He started diving in 2012 and out of curiosity started his underwater photography with a Sony compact camera (RX100) in 2013.  Forming his own style he is now known for his art in macro, blackwater, and wide-angle shots. His journey has been as exciting as his dives starting from a self-taught novice to passing on his skills by conducting workshops today introducing underwater photography in simple terms for beginners. By making it understandable and still high quality, he builds confidence and reveals the charm of underwater photography.


Prizes: Siena International Photo Awards 2022. Neutral Density Awards (Honorable mention), Close-up Photographer of the Year (Finalist), 2021 BigPicutre Natural World Photography Contest by the California Academy of Sciences – Aquatic Life Winner,  2019 Annual Photography Awards (Honorable Mention)