Perfect Waterfall


Perfect Waterfall


In striking grayscale, walls of dark stone frames a delicate waterfall cascading down sending mists fluttering in the wind.


This photographic shot captures the beauty and power of the natural elements. Earth and water are depicted in perfect symphony, a stunning phenomenon celebrated in bold and beautiful composition. The waterfall is instantly the center of attention joining the overcast skies to the rich dark earth below. Jagged edges of the rock cut sloping silhouettes in the sky and contrast with the clean lines of water highlighting the vertical dimension. The human forms draw the perspective out even further as they are dwarfed by the magnitude of the scene surrounding them. True to its name, this still freezes a moment of beauty to perfection. One can imagine the soft touch of mist on your face and the light cool breeze brushing over the stony land with refreshing invigoration. 

This original framed photography can modernize interior design & decoration schemes and add a sense of wonderment to the home spaces. As framed photography, this can accent any wall with dramatic flair, a good complement to a bold colour or texture. The natural landscape is a welcome sight for any atmosphere and delivers a sense of calm as well as simple beauty. 

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Jorge Omenaca | Madrid

Jorge Omeñaca is originally from Zaragoza, but currently lives in Madrid. He has a preference for photographing elements of nature, which he edits with a markedly “pictorial” look, creating images that often straddle the line between photography and painting. A style very conducive to decorative environments.

Apart from photography for interior decoration, Jorge also works on documentary and narrative photography projects.

He has lived in different parts of the world such as Rome, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. He is a photographer and has an academic background in drawing and painting. This relationship between both disciplines is clearly reflected in the style of his photography, where the use of colour and close framing take special relevance.