A glowing Pirates ship plows cuts through the waters, casting a glow on the surface with the jewel brightness as if the whole scene is caught in a brilliant sunset – or else in the embers of a raging fire. This bright and intriguing image could be the opening view of a swashbuckling adventure. The composition and texture of this scene make this piece perfect for contemporary and eclectic spaces as a perspective on the human habitat and our many stories. Invite that personal interpretation and focus bringing this piece to a kid’s bedroom or meeting lounge, encouraging the imagination to open wide.

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Diana Grigorgyeva | Russia

Diana Grigorgyeva is an internationally renowned artist and member of The International Association of Art. She graduated from The State University of Design and Technology and has been in the Art Faculty since 2008. Her many years of work have brought experience in painting, graphics, and 3D design. Recognition has included working in residencies in Italy, USA, Russia, and Serbia and awards in both the Gran Preis International Forum and Art exhibition, and in the post-graduate competition in Art and Design in Blagoveschensk.


2008 – Art Tobolsk. International plenair, Art residence.
2011 – «Artestudio Genestrelle». Art residence and exhibition, Assisi, Italy.
2014 – 1 place Best decorative painting. MGUDT, Moscow.
2015 – Gran Pries international Forum & Art Exhibition, Russia-China
2016 – 1 place post graduated competition Art & Design, Blagoveshensk, Russia.
2016 – Solo exhibition. Cultural Department, Omsk.
2017 – Pancevo-17. International plenair. Art residence. Serbia.
2018 – White exhibition. OmGTU.
2019 – «100 artists in 100 cities». Omsk.
2019 – AzArt-19. Barnaul, Altay.
2019 – Art Exhibition Napa, California
2020 – Art Exhibition ”100 paintings-100 artists in 100 cities”

Since 2008 – Art residences: Russia (2008), Italy (2011, 2014), USA (2016,2019), Serbia (2017).