Quantum Space


Quantum Space


Quantum space as part of the “Dimensions” collection. Inspired by Stephen Hawking and his string theory, these compositions explore the multiplicity of the universe; dimensions that are connected through membranes and threads of a flowing cosmos. Beautiful alone or in relation to each other, the pieces can be hung in any way- infinite possibilities of interpretation. The bright and playful energy of each individual piece offers a pop of color to modern, contemporary, or retro interiors. These delightful compositions fit the inspiring energy of the hallway or kitchen or be an intriguing accent to the living room.

Original artwork in acrylic on mounted canvas.

  • Size: 4 pieces of 25cm x 25cm
  • Shipping origin: Spain



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Nataline Pomar | Barcelona

Nataline Pomar is a multidisciplinary artist working with a variety of mediums to create her own enigmatic and visual style. Her studio and creative laboratory in Barcelona is where she develops projects and collaborations with brands for over 20 years.  After finishing her studies between Salamanca, Leeds, and Barcelona, Nataline began experimenting in fields such as painting, installation, urban art, fashion, and product design which shows through in her colorful and energetic compositions. Organic forms and intense colors create a sense of positivity and fun. Her works reflect upon larger concepts such as the series Portales which inspires a connection to the immensity of the cosmos through constant movement and evolution. In these organic and complex ideas, she also connects to the personal using textiles and photographs linked to her parents’ fabric store and her own childhood. For Nataline, fun and playfulness are fundamental to her works. Her mediums continue to be explored either by creating immersive exhibits or discovering the AR experience and NFTs.