Ring of Fire – Diptych


Ring of Fire – Diptych


An extra large diptych exploding with interesting textures and colors. A dramatic complement to minimalist or modern interior designs can heighten the elegance and presence of art in the room. Invite thoughtful interpretation and discussion into your home with this intriguing piece, a true appreciation of the transcendent quality of art.

It is a unique sculpture that will be printed at the time of purchase with a delivery time of 10-14 days. The original artwork has been digitally created and will be displayed on high quality UV plexiglass.

Original artwork in digital print, perspex
  • Size of the work: 125x125x3 cm / 49.2×49.2×1″
  • Shipping origin: Australia



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Lynne Godina-Orme | Australia

Lynne Godina-Orme blends and merges colors, allowing the free form aod expression to flow in her creations. Her work is hanging all over Australia in both private and commercial collections as well as internationally. In landscapes and the ever-personal abstracts she invites the viewer to go into the piece and explore whatever they might find, in this way she forms connection with people perhaps she will never meet evoking discussion and enjoyment over her art.