“Rose”. Is the artist using the word to describe a name, or a feeling?

The title of this art print could be in reference to the romantic mood, or perhaps the name given of the pair of eyes; maybe even the person or unknown object of the gaze. 

The artist exhibits her characteristic technique of merging the details of the human form with the expressive medley of materials. Textures stand out in the haze reminiscent of natural patterns which offer a contrast to the intense bright red.

The fragility locked in the eyes remains a soft thread in the vortex and yet both forces seem to unite harmoniously – for what is a “rose” without its thorns. The framing layers of this piece questions the position and role of the viewer. 

The balance in this art piece sets the tone for a relaxed atmosphere, but with pulsing energy and movement coursing beneath the surface.


As a larger framed artwork this can complement social spaces where many voices can be present but with the mystery and curiosity of the mixed identities. 

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Olga Cairols | Madrid

Olga uses different techniques applied on canvas and paper, from collage of photographs and printed papers, to spatula applications with acrylics, oils, markers, aerosols and pastels, all in the same work. With influences from pop, impressionism, expressionism and symbolism, she is inspired by nature, women, and all beings that are part of the planet.

Olga studied Art History and Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, specializing in painting. Her works are exhibited in different parts of the world, in recent years in: “Carré d’artistes”: United States and Turkey, and in “Kunstsupermark Solothurn” in Switzerland.