The last night of the Othawa King


The last night of the Othawa King


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  • Unique Artwork donated by the artist


His name was King Nguvu, alias the Othawa Male. He was the son of the Majingilanes and grandson of the legendary Macho of Mapogo, a lone male who ruled in a world of coalitions and dangers. He was formidable and confident, brave and bold, and was at his best when he marched confidently into the territory of the infamous Birmingham brothers. The night of this picture was his last: he met his end in a battle with the Birmingham brothers. No one knows why he marched so confidently to his death. We can only speculate.

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Nadia de Lange | South Africa

Originally from Johannesburg (South Africa), Nadia has always been passionate about art. However, her affinity for numbers, led her to develop her career as an “actuary” which is a nice way of saying “inaccurate fortune teller”.

In 2021, she was gifted her first DSLR camera, opening a new world to her now great passion: photography. As she improved her technique, she began to dabble in fine art photography, focusing mainly on landscapes and black and white architecture.