The water where the stone floats


The water where the stone floats


The elements are showcased with jewel brightness in this fun and energetic original photo. At a first glance, the bright colors and intricate details immediately please the eye. The pale turquoise and aquamarine hues are contrasted by pink and purples as warm and cold converge on a diagonal boundary. A large stone can be ween in the central, covered in nature, and joined by a few neighboring pebbles. Their forms interrupt the texture of the water and land bringing depth and contrast. The scale of the scene remains elusive, is it a close-up of a small border of a tide pool? Or an epic meeting of the ocean and coastline with the waves carving inlets and islands through and around the rock? 

Refresh your space with this vibrant photo reproduced in vivid color with giclée printing.  Alone or paired with other gallery prints, this unique photographic wall art will invite in the full beauty of nature.

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Jorge Omenaca | Madrid

Jorge Omeñaca is originally from Zaragoza, but currently lives in Madrid. He has a preference for photographing elements of nature, which he edits with a markedly “pictorial” look, creating images that often straddle the line between photography and painting. A style very conducive to decorative environments.

Apart from photography for interior decoration, Jorge also works on documentary and narrative photography projects.

He has lived in different parts of the world such as Roma, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. He is a photographer and has an academic background in drawing and artistic painting. This relationship between both disciplines is clearly reflected in the style of his photography, where the use of colour and close framing take special relevance.