The World After Us


The World After Us


We need nature more than she needs us. This painting paints a story of the earth after collapse where animals roam the streets. A reflection on what it means to live in civilization that believes in progress without limits or acknowledgement of the interconnectedness of the world. This stunning artwork is a statement of thoughtfulness and storytelling. Perfect for classical, mid-century, or french country interiors that heightens the sense of wonder with refined elegance. Great for the dwelling spaces of a home, from the living to the dining area, let this piece set the scene for conversation.

Original artwork on framed paper with dark aluminum frame and protective methacrylate.

  • Size of the work: 100×70 cm / 39×27.5″
  • Shipping origin: Spain
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Oscar Santasusagna | Spain 

For Oscar Santasusagna art is a simultaneous reflection of its context as well as the actor that rebounds it’s effect. Paintings are vehicles for storytelling, sharing messages, or evoking memories. A work that does not intrigue, move, or simply change the viewer in any small way could just be a technical exercise as beautiful as it is empty. The narrative nature of Santasusagna’s work harmonises painting and writing into something new. The universe of each composition is accompanied by a reflective title seen as an invitation to observe and enter the scene.



  • “Mecánica celeste”, cover of Rochet&Pizarro’s music project with the work “El chico que soñaba con las estrellas” (2022).
  • “Fables Keeper”: solo exhibition at Contemporaneo Art Gallery (Asheville, North Carolina, USA, 2021)
  • “Jenny must die”: collaboration with the painting “Winter Song” with playwright Bill Lattanzi in his play “Jenny must die”, a stage production performed at The Providence Fringe Festival (Providence, Rhode Island, USA, 2020).
  • “Art en femení”: selection of the work “Carta a les dones”. Group exhibition for Women’s Day at the Auditori Barradas (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, 2019).
  • “Art + BCN”, selection of the work “A los locos que sueñan” for the group exhibition at Redgarger (Barcelona, 2018).
  • “Wanderlust”: solo exhibition at Departure gallery (Barcelona, 2018)
  • “Art en femení”: selection of the work “Oda a l’amor”. Group exhibition for Women’s Day at the Auditori Barradas (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, 2017).
  • “Art LGTBI”: selection of the work “Elogio de la diferencia”. Group exhibition at the Alonso Vidal gallery (Barcelona, 2016).
  • “Venus, myth, beauty and sensuality”: selection of the work “Ode to freedom”. Group exhibition at the Esteve Paluzie library (Barberà del Vallès, 2015).

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