Train in the night


Train in the night


This simple pencil illustration catches a moment of a longer story. Bam, the young boy protagonist, searches for his Nanny on the evening train. In the midst of a monochromatic rusty old compartment packed with passengers deep in contemplation or sleep, Bam is left alone to his wonderings. Where could his nanny possibly be? Or is she even on the train in the first place…

Dagyum Chung’s style expresses the situation in interpretative nuance from the threadbare carpet of the compartment to the complex expressions on each face. The relatability of the scene is only enhanced by the sketchiness of the familiar pencil effect and the angle of the composition from floor to ceiling making Bam’s loneliness all the more pronounced. With its fun narrative element and delightful details, Chung’s work is sure to draw the eye more than once. This piece proves and celebrates the dual use of illustration both in interior decoration as well as original art for wall decor.

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Dagyum Chung | United Kingdom

Dagyum Chung, is a Korean art student residing in the UK. She would like to be a picture book illustrator to follow the examples of illustrators/artists like Suzy Lee, Beatrice Alemagna, Beatrix Potter, Judith Kerr, etc. She would also like to create works based on their written stories, or literature (specially classical) along with fairy tales and theatre plays.

Dagyum comments: “For me, art and stories always go together, like needles and thread. As I am only now a student, not a professional, I am working to find my identity and colour in the sphere of art. I hope to find it soon”.

Her future as a wall art artist is brilliant & will soon be prominent in the interior design & home decoration world.