Ugly Delicious III


Ugly Delicious III


Nestled in deliciously soft bread and artfully dressed with ketchup and mayonnaise, sits the perfect snack for a warm summer day. Or is it?

Fernández playfully blends pop art and surrealism with this fun photo series. The pastel colours and angled composition are reminiscent of advertising and food photography. But this hotdog does not look so appetizing. The prickly cactus combined with a yellow background bring to mind the discomfort of the hottest day of the summer, and the unquencable hunger that one might experience on those exhausting long afternoons.

Individually or altogether as a triptych, each photo makes a strong statement about consumerism, advertising, and the fast food industry. They speak to unhappy consequences that lurk behind our decisions and accepted patterns in modern culture.

Fernandez work also provokes the meta-perspective drawing attention to the nature of food photography and its psychological relationship to human consumption. His work is a true representation that a picture really is worth a thousand words.

As wall art this series of photos offers an edgy and fresh take on interior design. Simple and familiar composition joins with the pastel tones to satisfy the eye while offering a textural feast. Its a synthesthetic experience from the glistening condiments to the prick of a cactus spine. The provocative interpretation is matched with true aesthetic appeal and a playfulness to complement any modern space. 

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Mishi | A Coruña

Julian Eloy Fernández, also known artistically as “Mishi”, wants to share with the world his creative projects. An Argentine living in Spain, he is an art and photography director specialized in art and advertising. His works are inspired by his fascination for bright colors and contrasts with still life.