Venetian Fantasy II: Malva


Venetian Fantasy II: Malva


Another photo from José Luis´ on the Venetian Carnival Theme, which captures the rigidness of the metallic, silver volto (full cover Venetian mask) and the softness of the purple chiffon and adornment of the headpiece, in the beautiful shade of Malva, or Mallow flower.

This eye-catching image is great for decorating a social space to create a festive vibe with an air of luxury.

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Jose Luis Sambeat | Madrid

A medical doctor who is passionate about photography, José Luis captures his surroundings through camera with his unique perspective.

Our New York Series features many of his stunning works, among them, the Iconic City and the Brooklyn Bridge.

His images not only depict the physical forms and shapes with sense of esthetics, but also conveys the atmosphere and dynamics – he captures the moments.